Cook-Out: Popular fastfoodery heading to Charlottesville

A drive-through franchise that speedily serves up grilled barbecue meats and more than 40 kinds of milkshakes is coming to Charlottesville. It's a fast-growing fastfoodery from North Carolina called Cook-Out, and it has won approval for a red roof, says a city official.

Public records show that Cook-Out Charlottesville Inc. paid $1.3 million in October for 1254 Emmet Street, what for many years was a Long John Silver's until it closed at the end of the year. Citing the roof approval, zoning administrator Read Brodhead sees no municipal obstacles to transforming the 1.3-acre site into a Cook-Out.

In Richmond, where the Greensboro-based company has recently established two locations, both in the West End, Cook-Out has created quite the sizzle, according to Style Weekly restaurant critic Robey Martin. What does it all mean?

"It means we like meat with our meat," laughs Martin, who notes that the side dishes aren't limited to hushpuppies and fries but also include corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and a bacon-cheese tortilla, something that Cook-Out is calling a "bacon wrap."

Speaking of calling, there's been a bit of controversy over the fact that the family that owns Cook-Out hasn't limited its evangelism to the food. However, on a reporter's recent visit in Richmond, the only Biblical mention arrived on the styrofoam cup holding our Cheerwine float: along with "God Bless America" were the tiny words "Psalms 118:24." That's the one that says, "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Glad indeed, as the cost for a plate– in our case a hamburger, slaw, chicken quesadilla, and the aforementioned float– is just $4.74 including tax.

Now, we're starting to understand why a company having, according to a fan site, over 75 locations doesn't return phone calls or put up a website of its own. It doesn't need to.

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This place rocks. Unfortunately they won't have adequate parking for the masses that will swarm the place.

Good. The barbeque tastes like Bill's in Richmond but more food and cheaper. needs limeade though...

Thanks commenters , I was wondering what the food was like.

Anyone care to explain what a Cheerwine float consists of ?

My guess is similar to a root beer float only Cheerwine instead of root beer. Cheerwine is a cherry soda that hails from the Carolinas (I think).

P.S. Though Cheerwine is a pretty good cheery soda, a Cheerwine float sounds kinda gross if you ask me. Admittedly, I have never tried one, so I should probably reserve judgement.

4.74? What will the cost be in c'ville with it's BLOATED meals tax?

To the commenter concerned about parking, it is a drive through only restaurant for the most part with no indoor seating. It has a walk up window at most locations, but again- no indoor seating. Get it and go!

The nugs are soooo good with every saaaoooosss available! preferably combined into a magical blend of supersaos

@ Hook, You're welcome for the tip in the Long John Silver's closing article last week. Ever correct the sales price in the Shoppers World article? And why mention the religious thing, why is that important? I guess because it generated a million comments on the Sweet Frog article.

Great news for the cardiologists in town. I was somewhat saddened to see LJS close, as it was an icon akin to, say, The White Spot. Now we have a new place in town...right across from a couple of fried chicken joints. Keep 'em coming. (I am surprised city council is allowing such a health-detrimental eatery set up shop in town.)
R.I.P.: Eugene "Sonny" Kane

Gross! looks completely gross!

I have eaten at the "Cookout" on Broad St in Richmond, and that place rocks! Hate to see LJS leave, going to miss eating Friday dinner there. I would rather see Bodo's go belly-up and "Cookout" take over that space.

Wall Street Journal predicted that the entire Long John Silvers and A&W restaurant names would go under in 2012. This new place. Sounds fine. Guess eventually everything will be a franchise. Hey about Hook/Harrisonburg?

Firstlys, (sounds like firsties), is super saos like super saiyans? Can you eat that/them now? Delicious.

Secondlys, i'm not sure how LJS is an icon unless you're Spongebob Squarepants living in an alternate universe with no Krusty Krab.

Thirdlys, oreo PB fancy shake FTW.

Its OK, but it aint no Popeyes!

It is what it is... Mr Dogg.

This is gonna drop a bomb just like Chipotle has done- I work in restaurants and used to be the General Manager of the Barracks Road Chipotle. I'm from Greensboro, NC (where Cook-out started) and this is the best restaurant ever. No, it is not healthy. It's very blue-collar. No better choice than Cook-Out near a college. Usually they stay open til about 4am if they are near student populations, so look for late hours.

Yes, Oreo PB shake guy, yesssss!

As a native North Carolinian, I can say with surety that y'all are gonna love this place. Certainly, the food is something one can only appreciate after a long night of drinking, but the milkshakes are AMAZING. Aaaaaand less than $3 each. You can also mix as many flavors as you like. Mint-oreo-peanut butter-watermelon anyone?

The shakes are awesome, better & cheaper than CFila. BBQ outstanding. Hushpuppies are good but LJS's are(were) better. Hamburger tastes like the ones you get at a high school concession stand, More snouts & gristle than meat. It is grilled however.


@Dont Blink- "4.74? What will the cost be in c'ville with it's BLOATED meals tax?"

The meals tax is 4%. That means 4 cents for every dollar. Meals tax in this case $0.19. You can do the rest of the math.

cook out kicks butt. and #NacyDrew cheerwine float is cheerwine and ice cream, obviously. about time LJS was replaced that place is terrible

Oh dear god Doyle, please dont wish bodo's farewell... our office staff eats there everyday and my husband takes our 4 children there almost everyday... bodo's is a part of our family!

@Doyle Hargraves -

You'd rather see BODO'S go "belly up"??? Are you insane? That's more of a local legend than a restaurant and not to mention one of the best-run, local small businesses I've ever seen. And it's delicious. Take your Long John Silvers and get outta here.

cookout coming is great news will be so good to have one in charlottesville! They are the best fast food by far but we need to keep bodos for breakfast bagels they are great.cookout has the best hamburgers in north carolina its about time they got to virginia