Concrete move: Market Annex work begins on Main St.

Workers ready the former site of C&R Auto, whose painted signs used to grace 513 West Main Street with promises of "specializing in automatic transmissions," for an expansion of the purple-hued gourmet complex across the street known as Main Street Market.

At the Market, that kitchen store formerly known as Seasonal Cook has been purchased by a Culpeper-based couple who reopened it on Saturday, January 7, as Frenchman's Corner.

Meanwhile, the light blue storefront seen at left in this photo will soon become a new concept called One Meatball Place. The owner, Richard Zakin, says that meatballs will be high quality using all kinds of meat including fish and chicken. "We think it might be something that will thrive in this market," says Zakin, who envisions an opening in April.

-–story updated 1:22pm Friday, January 13 to reveal what's happening at One Meatball Place

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Main Street - for a town that wins top rankings in many categories this stretch of real estate remains an eyesore. One with thi

One would think with a world class University down the street circumstances would be otherwise.