No more Long John Silver's in Charlottesville

Fried fish aficionados have one fewer place to dock their appetites in the new year, as Charlottesville's Long John Silver's has gone out of business. The signs were painted over before the last day of 2011, and the sign on the door at 1254 Emmet Street reads simply: "This location is permanently closed."


One more nail in the coffin of the UVa Cardiology Department. So sad to see a local icon close its doors but--as Frankie Valli sang--"Grease is the word."
R.I.P.: Edith Massey

I think this was a franchise store. Funny LJS's website still shows the location also their site has no press releases about any closings.

Is UVA Foundation on the march again to buy up all the property in town?

That is a Long John Silver's!!!!! Guess the burger joints win again. Pretty soon there won't be any choice at all. Actually the A&W burger was better than any of the other burger joints!!! Cville loses again!!!!!

I think 40 years is long enough for any fast food restaurant.

The place was built and opened in 1972 or 1973.

There was a LJS here? Go figure.

They were very rude to customers the few times I was in there.

This is how the economy is supposed to work. We don't need to prop up failing businesses. All you Occupiers out there, pay attention.

Just another sign of the times, stay tuned for more.

Bring back shaky's pizza, or caravan home of the hump burger...or barneby's pizza or perhaps even a five guys?

evil county developers are sucking the life out of the city!! Here is exhibit A!! How can city businesses survive when the evil big box stores, the county development cabal, and their acolytes on city council have snuffed out the little guy in the city by passing their diabolical water plan and building the road to nowhere which goes right through charlottesville!!!

I can't not eat there anymore. Drat.

Saw the big Cavalier Container dumpster behind it, in the drive through lane, knew something was up.....or GOING DOWN!

That stinks, oh well maybe a Captain Dee's will come to C-ville and kick butt. Fish is good for your heart, eating at LJS three times a week helped me survive a triple by-pass and angioplasty when I was in my late 20's. I guess the fish oil did something to helped me pull through.

My first job (while I was in High school and just the summer) I worked there the first year it was open. It was 1972 or 1973. At one point years later (early 90s?) they tore the old building down and built a bigger one. So it was there about 40 years.

Cook Out recently bought the site for $1.3 million. Cook Out blew up in NC and has started to expand regionally. Cheaper than your standard fast food, awesome variety of milkshakes.

If Downtown Brown is right about Cook Out buying the space, the Cville residents you are in for a treat.

LJS was always our Friday stop during Lent.

I think one of OWS big complaints is that failing businesses were propped with their tax dollars, while they were told to jump in the lake. The real Occupiers get it.

If the country wants to develop, it can pay for the infrastructure on its own nickle, and stop building large traffic jams on state byways.

Cook Out is the bomb! it should do very well

@ not sorry

Never experienced rudeness from the help the few times we went there. In fact one of the cashier guys one time we went was extremely courteous, to the point where it actually stood out. But their fried fish was way too salty. If it hadn't been so salty we would have eaten there probably all the time since I'm a sucker for fish and chips.

In south Florida they have Miami Subs Plus, which is a 3 in 1 of Miami Subs, Arthur Treature's, and Baskin Robbins. We need one of those. :D I loved that place. Or else just an Arthur Treature's, if we're talking about fast food fish and chips.

If you want to rob a Long John's Silver now, you have to go out of town!


January 4, 2012

Harrisonburg police are trying to track down the person who robbed a Long John Silver's Tuesday night.

Police say just before 10 p.m., a man approached two employees at the restaurant on East Market Street and demanded cash. The robber claimed to have a gun in his pocket but it was never displayed.

Some cash was taken and the robber was last seen running westbound.

If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 540-574-5050.

Thank God! The market at work - I went there one time and it was the poorest-run restaurant I have ever been to. Just while I was there I saw three separate customers have to return to the counter as their order was wrong and mine was as well. The cashier had to call in back-up when I ordered a fish filet sandwich which he was apparently unfamiliar with.

Cook Out will have to raise its menu prices in Cville.

Brian- you sure it was "fish"?

It closed due to problems with the electricity in the building and constant problems with their computer services. As for the health of LJS, yes, certainly some of their food is bad for you, but I do have to note, one chicken plank has 140 calories. You can do a lot worse at a burger joint.

Looks like it closed because Cook-Out is indeed coming to town!

--hawes spencer, hook journalist