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Broken beauty
Ravaged by alcohol and suffering from injuries old and new, Linda Doig ended up homeless, living in Lee Park as part of Occupy Charlottesville. But before illness, addiction and injury claimed her life, Doig was an elite international model whose face graced magazine covers. Was her companion in Lee Park to blame for her death? 

War Horse

Spielberg's new film, War Horse, is beautifully crafted but still hard to watch. Bold and action-packed, it conveys the unbearable hardships of war, on both human soldiers and the animals who serve with them. 

Tree house
The two-story home at 27 River Ridge Drive is a great fit for outdoors enthusiasts, who'll enjoy Lake Monticello's beach, clubhouse and tennis courts. But the home’s most unique feature is a treehouse-like sunroom in the back with views of the surrounding woods. 

Alicia Bowler Lugo
In the mid-1970s, Alicia Bowler Lugo was something rare: an African American woman in charge of a social service agency. Former environmental attorney Kay Slaughter remembers Lugo as a mentor who dedicated her life to providing education and work opportunities for the poor. 

From her seat in the Occupy movement and with companion Carey Hicks reaching in, a bruised Linda Doig handles an old advertising photo on Monday, November 28. One week later, her body was removed from an Emmet Street motel.
–photo by Courteney Stuart

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