Charlottesville escapes first wave of Sears/Kmart closings

The company that runs over 3,500 Sears and Kmart stores has released a list of nearly 80 locations that will close; and while Virginia did not escape intact, Charlottesville did.

The first list– released on Thursday, December 29– shows Florida as the hardest hit state with 11 stores on the list of 79 closures. Stores in Norfolk, Richmond, and Midlothian will be shuttered to save money for the struggling big-box company.

The company, Sears Holdings Corporation, the nation's 4th largest retailer, has announced that it may close as many as 120 stores to trim corporate losses.

A download of the preliminary list of closures:

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I wonder how long these stores will last once
the new mall across the road opens.

I think they will last a good while. Truthfully, there are things that Kamrt carries that no one else in the area seems to. They do have problems, but they also have a real niche.

The real threat is the traffic nightmare that will ensue. I doubt I will want to shop at any of it.

I'm glad they didn't close (yet.) I do shop at both. But Caesonia's right about the upcoming traffic nightmare. May be time for us to high tail it out of this joint depending on how bad things get...........!

They will stay until their current lease with Clara Belle expires.

Confused easily,
You are full of it. You don't seem to know who actually owns the kmart property. Can't see kmart being open for long. Whole Foods is too cramped,small. Kmart property would be more desirable for Whole Foods.

Unfortunately I have occasion to make a trip to Fashion Square 2 or 3 times a month. I'm always amazed at how few shoppers there are at any given store, most of all Sears. How they make enough to even pay operating costs is a wonder.

k-mart and sears are positive for the Charlottesville community. no upgrading needs to be done - just keep prices down and continue to have available products. helpful salespeople will help too - but the majority of the ones available are quite helpful. I do agree on the traffic concerns and checkouts near the exits. overall, if you have not been to k-mart and sears to see their products and prices - you are missing out.

I used to get a lot of stuff at Sears, especially their tools. But they have gone downhill. I think it really was seeing the mix of made in China garbage infiltrating the tool section, especially the Craftsman products. I had to be really careful, and now only choose the professional series for anything. Otherwise its Chinese rubbish.

Americans really need to take a stand on that nonsense. Call your Congressman, especially the Republicans, and flog them over allowing non-competitive Commy junk into the US by not supporting tougher trade policies.

I still will shop at Kmart for anything that others would buy at WM or Target. I cannot stand any of WM's anti-union policies and Target actively campaigns against a large segment of our population...Would love to see Kmart and Sears rebound, perhaps they will once they tighten up a bit. Why would you drive right by Kmart and waste more gas for the other two? Kmart's parking lot is a lot less sketchy than its 29 North counterparts, and with all the money you save there, you might be able to walk next door and buy some fancy groceries.

Tom G - better check your facts. Clara owns the dirt (inherited it), although someone else has a master lease.


Clara Belle Wheeler owns Meadowbrook Shopping Center (dirt and buildings), which was developed by her parents, Harry and Mary Wheeler, from whom she inherited it..

The dirt beneath K-Mart, Seminole Square, et al., was The Meadows, a farm owned by the Clay Peyton family, of whom current owner (in partnership with other family members perhaps) Michie Peyton Bright (nee Elizabeth Michie Peyton) is a daughter.