Hook Café personals place closed on 12/31

Sorry, folks, but due to the rise of other ways to meet lovin' ladies and gents, the Hook is announcing that we are closing the "Hook Café" on New Year's Eve. We launched this online dating service back in 2005, back when some of our competitors were offering 900-numbers (remember those?) and other odd ways to get involved. Back then, the Hook Café was actually considered a form of social media. However, recent years have witnessed the arrival of many free online dating services and some sophisticated social media sites– most notably Facebook. And the Hook Café has not really provided the vibrant scene it used to provide. So goodbye! Thanks to everyone who used it, and thanks particularly to the talented Andy Sutcliffe whose company, SelectAlternatives, powered it.

–story updated for print (by past-tensing the headline) at 11:09am Wednesday, January 4

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Larry Sabato predicted this!

Nice of you all to have hosted it...didn't look like a big enough 'market maker' for the dating scene.

Ourbeloved town was/is too small for it to have worked. Not enough privacy or anonymity!

Now we got to go to Craigs List for our next rape victim...

Get that comment by Toni H. off of here Hook. Thank you.

I'm with down with the brown - we have to censor any and all attempts at humor or sarcasm.

I did not make the 8:36 a.m. remark.

But thanks, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

That's not true, I did post the first one. The second gasbag is the imposter!

This is ridiculous. Both of the previous gasbags are imposters!

Seems like one too many Gas Bag Self Ordained Exports!

Well, he could always go back to using his old handle, Sick of the Local Rambos. I kind of miss that one.

I got herpes from the hook cafe.

hook reader- you ate there?