You wouldn't illustrate a TJ story with Madison

I was wondering why the photo for [the Hook's November 24 cover story: "The road: Death count mounts in Albemarle"] uses a relatively late-model Renault Clio which, judging from the appearance of the stone wall and the vegetation, is set in the south of France? Renaults haven't been imported into the US for over 20 years, so obviously this has nothing to do with accidents in Albemarle County.

If you were choosing an image for an article on Jefferson, I feel sure that you wouldn't substitute a portrait of some other dead white guy, say Madison or Monroe, and still expect anyone to trust the facts that follow. The use of a wrong image expected to elicit an emotional response undermines the credibility of the article.

Walter Koch

The provenance of the photo, which was actually shot in Spain, was described in the little box describing the cover.–editor

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