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Year in review
If 2012 is where it all ends, as some fear, at least we can say our last year here on earth wasn't boring! From Occupy movements to natural disasters, massive lawsuits to epic falls from grace, the Hook takes a look back on the hell and heaven that was 2011.

Music, art and more

Ski deals, Skip Castro, and slam dunks: Charlottesville's packed with entertaining options, and FunStuff is our new photo-packed, user-friendly entertainment section. With all these great events coming up, there's no excust not to get out there!

Real estate
Falling prices?

In the year of Biscuit Run's exposure as a cash grab, what could be more appropriate than looking at some of the lesser-known moves in the real estate world? Hey, we can't all dabble in real estate, but we can watch.

Psychic Sabato
Renowned political analyst Larry Sabato offers a glimpse of 2012, and this time he goes beyond politics.

Ebert's list
If you didn't make it to the theater for the best films of 2011, don't fret: critic Roger Ebert lists his fave films of the year just in time for revving up the DVR on chilly nights.

• Due to space considerations, The Hook will no longer be publishing The Sports Doctor. The column can still be found in the Crewe-Burkeville Journal and online at

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