Road rage? Law student to spend Christmas Eve in jail

It hasn't been a good year for students at the UVA Law School, at least for the four budding barristers learning the law via outside-the-classroom incidents.

The latest is Schuyler-raised London Crounse, 24, who is supposed to enter the legal profession in 2013 and who graduated with honors from Virginia Military Institute, but who allegedly so traumatized a bike-riding UVA professor that the professor filed assault charges.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Kirt von Daacke, an associate professor and assistant dean in the history department, he was riding his bike along McCormick Road September 1 and preparing to turn left onto Alderman Road when a black sedan suddenly appeared. The complaint asserts that the sedan pulled up close, swerved, then raced around him on the right. At another traffic light, von Daacke writes, the driver of the car began screaming obscenities at him and when von Daacke started to turn left, the car "cut around me on the left at high speed, [the driver] still shouting at me."

In the complaint, von Daacke says Crounse continued to pursue him, "screaming that he was going to kill me, driving continuously within a foot of me and swerving at me several times."

Von Daacke declined to elaborate for a reporter, but his attorney, Andrew Sneathern, says his client was "truly frightened."

In Albemarle General District Court December 13, Crounse pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and was sentenced to 30 days, 24 of them suspended. He'll serve his sentence in jail over the Christmas holidays.

Asked for comment after the hearing, Crounse initially threatened to sue a reporter but then apologized and said the bicyclist– von Daacke– passed him on a double yellow line.

"He leaned in my window and called me an a**hole," says Crounse.

"Absolutely not," says attorney Sneathern. "Mr. von Daacke never called Mr. Crounse an a**hole."

"I was trying to get him to slow down and talk about it," says Crounse. "It was a verbal argument down the street, and he almost caused an accident."

Sneathern, however, points to Crounse as the aggressor and says that two people who saw the alleged road rage incident sought out von Daacke, and one was called as a witness. "[Von Daacke] certainly feared he would and could be harmed," says Sneathern.

Crounse was arrested September 2, and he says he wrote an apology to von Daacke.

"I should have rolled my window up and kept going," Crounse acknowledges. "I do regret the situation."

Crounse also stresses that he never touched von Daacke, and that the assault charge was based on "apprehension" and not on actual physical harm.

The law student tells the Hook he went to VMI on an academic scholarship and that he's the first in his family to go to college. Now, he says he's worried that the charge– and a newspaper's account of it– will affect his job prospects. He says he entered law school to get a good job to care for his family.

Crounse is far from alone in real world legal experiences at UVA Law.

Earlier this month, Joshua Peter Gomes was arrested in the early morning outside Carruthers Hall and charged with two felony counts of breaking and entering, and one count of possession of burglary tools. According to a search warrant affidavit, Gomes was captured on a camera that had been disguised as a coat hook and which police believe he had secretly installed inside the registrar's office. Gomes has been banned from UVA Grounds.

In the spring, right before graduation, Johnathan Perkins published an account of a supposed racial profiling incident and police harassment, which he later admitted he'd concocted. And his friend Daniel Watkins was arrested for stalking and assault in May, but the charges against Watkins were thrown out in August. Perkins was never charged with anything.


Ya know the law students are really a lot better behaved than the undergrad students. Through the years they have maimed and murdered in this town. Melvin Whitaker aka the dell slasher. Good ole Andrew Alston the backstabber who got three years for murder. I guess they did have that one dude who killed his girls rents but I think he was in grad school. Last but not least one of the Cavaliers finest Mr. Huguely. I skipped a few assaulters but hey hoos countin?

My guess is much like in a pro football game it is the guy that shoves back that gets the flag. I think the bike riding history prof probably did make an illegal traffic move feeling that he was privileged to do so but was not man enough to go face to face. He now has first hand material for his next book on southern American culture.

Did that article say Gomes was disguised as a "coat hook"?? Wow! That is one slick disguise! I gotta get that guy to help me with my Halloween costume for next year.

It's pretty rare for the "victim" in road rage incidents to be totally innocent

It's also pretty rare for bicyclists to adhere to the Rules of the Road.

I'm surprised there aren't more road rage incidents between them and motorists in this city.

Sometimes I think youth is wasted on the young. By the time they figure out how to get along in this world, their opportunities are dwindled by the stupid decisions they made when they were younger.

It's hard to know how one stupid mistake can alter your life permanently, until it happens. It's also important to know who you're messing with.

Most people have done stupid things when they were young. What this guy did might be a few degrees harsher than what most have done.

What's interesting is that this case, where the perpetrator is convicted in a court of law, is lumped in by the Hook with cases where the charges were thrown out or never even filed.

I wonder what it would take for the hook to start a beat on the undergraduate population of UVA?

You apologists are funny.

Anyway, good to see the police et al. take this seriously.

Sounds like this history professor violated traffic laws and then got angry when someone called him out on it. I cannot believe he went to all that trouble to get this young man in trouble. It sounds like he never even stepped outside of his vehicle---how could he realistically feel threatened?

I was glad to see the police et al. take the crazy actions of cyclists serious when they refused to charge the city employee who ran over and killed a guy recently.

Agree with the last two comments. Why is he sitting in jail over Christmas while rapists walk free on the UVA campus? Only in Charlottesville do we jail people for road rage and applaud them for committing rape.

For this young man to spend time in jail over the holidays for a minor road rage incident is both a gross injustice and a waste of taxpayer money. He's apologized for losing his temper. Now it's time for cyclist Von Daacke to express remorse for his own conduct.

The History Professor’s account is puzzling…he writes: I was coming up at a traffic light, “when a black sedan ‘suddenly appeared & pulled up close, swerved, then raced around me to the right,” (having raced around him, the “black sedan” would be in front of him. Right?) Yet he goes on to write that then, “at another traffic light the driver began yelling obscenities and “cut around me on the left at high speed.” Hmmm….so how did he race around you on the right at one stop light, then cut around you on the left “at high speed” at another stop light? How did he pass you twice in such a short time? Does history really repeat itself? Are you lying? Or…did he pass you, then you went aroung him on a double line, at which point he started yelling at you bc weren't obeying the traffic laws & almost caused an accident, and then passed you on the left as you got over in the bike lane, which is within a “foot” of the car lane! I know they have an honor code at UVa, but I had no idea it doesn’t apply to professors. Do you often lie to police officers, and news reporters, to get a young man put in jail over Christmas? Ok, ok… maybe he was playing Nascar around campus…

Why did the prosecutor drop it to disorderly? And why is this young man being doubly punished, by spending his holiday away from the family that he's obviously working very hard to support? If the dean of UVA is man enough to stick his head INSIDE another person's car and insult them, he should be man enough to deal with that person's understandably angry(and NON violent) reaction without hiding behind the campus police.

I don’t mean to nit-pick the writing here, but….

"A black sedan suddenly appeared."

That's completely illogical, unless Crounse has some sort of teleport abilities, or was driving a submarine through the sewers and decided to surface, at which point this incident occurred...

Why is it relevant that he threatened to sue you (I'm assuming it's you, why else would you include that), Ms. Provence? Is it because he's seen your bias against UVA law students, and was (understandably) concerned that you would blow this out of proportion?

Why is this reporter so obsessed with UVA law students? I seem to remember a UVA lacrosse player murdering his girlfriend on campus by smashing her head into a wall repeatedly... it boggles me that she spends her time writing about something as minor as a verbal argument when there are more serious crimes being committed in and around Charlotteville, by people far less accomplished than this kid.

Yes, it says Mr. Gomes was disguised as a coat hook… I guess it's not so unbelievable for a black sedan to "suddenly appear..."

I sincerely hope Mr. Crounse comes out of this ok, considering how obviously, and unfairly the cards were stacked against him here.

Either Lisa Provence is hitting an all time low in her reporting career or has a 'thing' for law school students. Stalking them outside the courtroom, finding modeling pictures of them, copying and pasting them on the internet. Is this the best reporting she can do? Why is a minor argument between an over-dramatic "sensitive"professor who gets "truly frightened" at "black sedans" get 640 words of coverage? I'd like to read something good thats positive going on in the world, or cover a natural disaster, OR if an ACTUAL criminal is afoot in Cville, then write a 640 word article about it, because people need to know. This is just libelous and throwing this guy under the bus for no reason. It bad enough he has to spend xmas in jail, he obviously a family man. But you have to float this garbage around?

"According to a search warrant affidavit, Gomes was captured on a camera disguised as a coat hook " -Lisa Provence....I rest my case, all time low lady. I hope your boss reads this, Do you read? Or just write very poorly? Either write poorly on good topics, or write well on bad topics,,,nice.

It was dropped to disorderly as a "catch-all" since it was probably obvious even to the prosecutor that there was no real danger, and this would be an incredibly weak case. It wouldn't be hard to see how a young kid in a black sedan arguing with a history dean on a bicycle would make a witness think they know exactly what happened.

The professor's account, which taken on its own, is contradictory, and this kid seems like a pretty good kid: UVA Law, VMI with Honors, apologized to the professor, and even apologized to you (for which he actually had good cause to give you a warning given your incredible cache of bias against UVA Law students-but i digress, since it seems you couldn't resist this story).

I'll admit, I'm biased as well, I do not ride a bike and I simply cannot wrap my head around the sense of entitlement and obliviousness that more than half of them seem to have on the road, next to 2 ton vehicles that are Always within a foot or two away. If a black car can come out of nowhere in the middle of the day on McCormick, it's not hard to imagine that the same blind biker could have almost caused an accident.

The prosecutor decided not to drop the case? The police actually went forward with this? No warnings, no fines-just straight to jail time over Christmas? Seems oddly unfair given the facts that you might be able to glean from this incident. But Ms. Provence's constant desire to twist stories like this that hurt people, the university, and the city aren't helping either. I truly truly hope that the weight of this coming from an assistant dean did not skew the ideas of fairness and equality that law enforcement and prosecutors are supposed to have-that would be truly sad, embarrassing, and ironic coming from TJ's city. Hey, that might be a good story for you to take on next!

I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased-or at least strive for that? Why are the commentators on this article so much more informative and insightful than your article? Do you understand that when you post stories that skew the information, you jeopardize the future career of a home-grown student working hard and taking on loads of debt in order to provide for his family? The least you could do as a reporter is to be fair and seek the truth that lies in the facts.

Sounds like perfectly normal behavior for two arrogant arses from UVA.

The Law School, just like the rest of UVA, seems to foster a culture of entitlement, drunkedness and poor treatment of women. Don't believe me? Read the UVA Law weekly newspaper, which is full of accounts of their parties and other shenanigans. By their own accounts, they must be among the worst behaved graduate students ANYWHERE. This young man sounds like a typical example, but on the mild side of those I've encountered.
I don't know why UVA cannot make up its mind to address this behavior decisively. Although I am an alumn, I would never allow my child to attend UVA. I

The facts of the case " In Albemarle General District Court December 13, Crounse pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and was sentenced to 30 days, 24 of them suspended. He'll serve his sentence in jail over the Christmas holidays."

Where is the bias ?

Start with the hearsay: I like how this guys attorney Andrew Sneathern, speaks for the professor, saying VanDack felt 'terribly frightened" and continued on about what Vandack did and did not say but was NEVER there! Publishing hearsay to refute someones word is biased. Well, maybe they were riding the bicycle; together', i knew there was some reason he had "his" attorney with him, maybe the prosecutor needed help taking this guy down? I hope he wasn't too "traumatized" haha...i mean came up home-grown from Schuyler, got a scholarship to VMI, then grad with honors, now in law school working to provide for his family... doesn't sounds like your "typical" arrogant UVa kid to me. Just bc he put a professor in his place on the road the guy gets 6 days in jail over christmas? I'm surprised they didn't make him do it over exams, they should put the professor in there with him, i don't think the professor would be callin him an a**hole then...haha

I think Rick Turner proved that you have to question the honesty and integrity of UVA staff.

g'bag, it's also pretty rare for motorists to adhere to the rules of the road. You're saying, in essence, 'If a bicyclist forces someone to slow down, they deserve to be assaulted with a vehicle.'?

No, I am not saying that at all. I am saying that I can understand how a road rage incident between a motorist and a cyclist could certainly take place in this city, most of the cyclists pay no attention to the laws whatsoever. This is why the young man was recently killed on West Main Street. And it's also why the motorist was not charged in the death.

Maybe the "disguised as a coat hook" comment was the writer's clever way of describing the baggy clothes and "hoodie" she probably assumes he wears.

Gasbag, that story lead to some great conversation, and great insight. looks like the real issue has to do with the tension on BOTH SIDES, and is amplified by the lack of proper traffic controls. It led me to this article as well:

But all things considered, I just don't understand the harshness for one party while complete guiltlessness for the other. I do believe that this article would be better served as a warning to both drivers and bicyclists to watch out, and do what you can to improve the situation, instead of focusing on the sensation of just the UVA Law school student's situation.

I also wonder why the professor had an attorney if he was so truly innocent. It kind of seems as if the only one in this situation who would need one would be Mr. Crounse.

I respect the Hook for reporting these instances that other media outlets ignore. It does not serve the community to give UVA students a pass when they are found guilty by the courts.

Deleted by moderator.

Craziness, a good reason the "victim" would have an attorney present is because he is possibly considering a lawsuit for damages. Mental anguish, loss of sleep, fear of riding on shared public roads now, etc....

I guess only time will tell if Crounse gets sued or not.

@NancyDrew, your sleuthing skills missed the fact that he plead guilty. It is different from being found guilty. He seems smart enough to know that if it's gotten this far, the cards may be stacked and he probably worked out a deal.
In the end, his conviction is in the same category as someone who "recklessly makes unreasonable noise and continues to do so after being asked to stop" according to wikipedia. Hardly newsworthy save for the unreasonable effect it may have on his future.

Nancy Drew, aka Lisa Provence, the author of this poorly written article. Stop talking about yourself in the third person in your articles & posting comments trying to rectify or legitimize your biased gossip. Must inquire.. Do you secretly have an attraction to law school students?. You seem to give them a lot of attention, stalking under the guise of a 'reporter' to give them negative publicity. It's ok if you secretly you have a Joshua Gomes modeling picture shrine in your closet, we change his picture everday on the site, and write special captions for him. P.s. nice commenting on your own article on Nancy Drew, check it out readers, it appears you have mental problems. You have successfully soldified the Hook as a discriminatory biased tabloid... writing an biased nonsensical article about a verbal argument is 'serving the community'? Good one. We readers feel bad for you and how you make the Hook look, this is cville outlet to information and community events, go cover Santa at the mall, the SPCA, volunteers at the fire dept, a hardworking school teacher, a family moving into their first house, a soldier coming home, a breast cancer recovery, or the newest restaraunt in town. Something uplifting and motivational serve this community, not scandal and gossip.

I hear more than a bit of Schuyler accent in several of these posts. Family? I mean "kin?"

I know this kid...he has a history for driving recklessly and for having a temper; the amount of tickets he has will confirm that. Even if the cyclist wasn't adhering to the rules of the road, the reaction was probably way out of hand.

Reading the comments on the cyclist and the reporter only confirms the gut-level biases against both by the posters.

Lisa, you did a good job. As for your critics, they couldn't report their way out of a wet paper bag. Keep up the good work.

If you're to believe the negative posters, cyclists always do wrong and motorists always do right. Yea, right, what world do you live in? The narrow confines of your own warped skull.

Don't know who any of you really are and really don't care.

Do know that UVA is very skillful at keeping its dirty laundry on grounds and under wraps.

It's always been "boys will be boys" and that's the way it will stay until someone steps up.

Sorry ladies, don't think Terry Sullivan is going to get the job done. Maybe next President will.

Thanks for all the feisty comments, folks! For starters, I'm pretty sure it was I who tweaked Lisa's usually clear and expert text to make it read like a person disguised as a coat hook. I'll fix that momentarily. And I definitely green-lighted this story, so the Lisa-as-Law-obsessed theory can rest. And as the webmaster, I can state with 100% certainty that a) Lisa has never posted as NancyDrew and b) Hook reporters usually refrain from the comments section (since we get plenty of writing space already!) except when, as I'm doing now, we attempt to clarify gross misrepresentations. And we always then do it using our real names.--hawes c. spencer, editor

Gasbag is on target as usual.
Speaking of gasbags I'll bet things went down like this.
Perfessor Pangloss toodling along on his Bikey swimming through traffic, while seemlessly melding back and forth from vehicle operator to pedestrian, as suited his advantage at any given time, encounters hot shot punk motorist and decides to shout abuse at him while alongside, since after all, as perfessor, he's Mister Toad. So punk decides to cut Pangloss off, maybe figures "I'll get in front and brake check this MoFo". Pangloss writes a check with his mouth that his heinie can't cash and runs to tattle. Anybody else besides Gassie on board with this scenario?

Most people don't realize that a little magic box in newer automobiles pretty much records everything a driver is doing. Like applying the brakes, giving a turn signal, speeding up, slowing down, etc... Geico insurance has introduced their version of this same litle magic box... you plug it in, record your driving for a certain time period and send it back to them. If this program tells Geico insurance that you exceeded 90 mph 4 times during the month of December, you can usually bank on them cancelling your insurance PDQ!!!

But the point I am getting ready to make is this.... I will be glad when technology finally adds video to these systems. Preferably forward and rear video simultaneously. There will be no need for all this "he said, she said" foolishness in a courtroom.

In the meantime, excellent DVR systems with dual forward and rear video simultaneously for vehicles are available at a very low cost already. They pay for themselves if you don't use the video but once.

If you ever find yourself in front of me or behind me in traffic, smile and wave please. :)

ps - Most people have smart phones now, with a camcorder built in. If and when you find yourself in a road rage incident or other critical event, have a passenger start recording immediately.

Being my usual self, often being described as antagonistic rather than informative, I would also recommend a passenger record any traffic stop performed on you by a cop. Whip that cell phone out and start recording. It's legal in 47 states. The ban in the other 3 states (Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland) are expeced to be ruled unconstituional in the near future as the cases/convictions are appealed and heard.

"...blocks traffic by biking in heavily trafficked area...Did I miss anything?"

You seem to misunderstand Virginia cycling laws. I suggest you look them up before you get lost in your own road rage incident.

Hilarity all around.

I had a road rage experience with one of these priviliged snots (UVa North Ground students) though mine was Darden inmate - a Drexel BBall player moving on up the corporate ladder. This took place in Barracks Rd, where he nearly hit me while blowing a stop sign. I agreed to accept an Alford Plea to make sure this landed on his criminal record, since I didn't really care about suing for the physical assault which took place after he followed me, and then assaulted me when I got out of my car...for honking at him when he nearly hit me. It was interesting that two of my three witnesses vanished (after providing information to the police) - there was a long conversation with the detective and an attempt to get me to let this just disappear and go away following an apology. Thugs.

FWIW, I'm one of the 'privileged' too - I went to and work at UVa - also a cyclist and I grew up in Keene, just up the road from Schuyler. Yes, I detect a whole pile of the social class resentment so common these car-vs-bicycle snits around here; layering on 'professor' vs. VMI is just about the icing on the cake. The imagery doesn't get much richer, does it?

I also pass through the Alderman/McCormick intersection daily, and those who claim this is a bicyclist congesting a heavily trafficked (automobile?) area don't have a clue what they're talking about. The speed limit on McCormick there is's not the bicycles clogging things up. Moreover, if this guy was making a left-hand turn, he had to wait for the turn light; I wait for the light there a lot, on a bicycle, and since I have to wait in the lane for the light, and follow the same rules of the road as the cars, I too sit right in the middle of the lane. The UVa cops patrol that intersection nearly constantly, and I've been given a warning for taking an illegal right-turn-on-red on a bicycle at that intersection. Cars frequently make the same illegal turn and the UVa cops pop them for it too. That entire area is slow-moving and congested, mainly because cyclists and pedestrians - especially the latter - FAR outnumber the cars. It is a natural place for someone who is in a car and "in a hurry" to get frustrated.

Sounds like Mr.-Future-Lawyer thought he was entitled to having the road to himself. It's about time one of these punks had an example made of him. The law school (I've had law students for neighbors) is chock full of entitled, privileged jerks. The irony of the "real Virginia" crowd jumping to the defense of one privileged elitist over his 'oppression' by another 'elitist', is hilarious.

Good on Hawes and Lisa for this story.

As far as the West Main bike death. The City truck got partly/mostly? in the left turn lane but had his signal to turn right. The final police drawing doesn't show him in the left lane but look at their notes of the case. When the signal changed he turned right from mostly the left turn lane (because the pole on the corner- which shows its scars- doesn't allow trucks to turn right where they should be ). The bike guy probably thought the truck was turning left and didn't see his turn signal so went on though the light and crashed into the truck. The two cars directly behind the truck backed up the City truck saying the bike passed them on the right and went through. This being a contributory negligent state of even being 1% both seem to be at fault but you can't hold either legally.

With my incident, many people I know were very quick to spout out "roid rage" - as in steroid abuse. I wonder if that's going on a bunch up there. I honestly hope this is just a wake up call for this guy. Pure speculation, but I'd bet there is something to all these claims being made about this guy having a history, because I think there would have been an attempt to make this incident just go away with an apology or the like otherwise. Again, I'm just speculating.

Hey Pedaleur RU french? And isn't being a Pedaleur what that Sandusky guy just got arrested for?
On a serious note, most of us know what "the law" allows and technically it allows U to be a D'bag to other users of the road, so when U get run over and the red gooey stuff runs out of you and makes a mess of somebody's nice car, you can have the fleeting satisfaction of being in the right...dead right.

Grow up.

Road rage takes two people. Period. This professor could have easily diffused the situation by just stopping his bike and waiting 30 seconds for the SUV to move on.

London is the kind of guy who would totally have your back if you needed him. Too bad the world is full of people who go running to mommy if they come across someone who actually has a backbone.

Hey non-resident taxpayer, there are definitely comments in here that go to his good history as well. With the anonymity of this site, don't be quick to judge one way or another simply because you gave another kid "what was comin to him". You seem incredibly angry about your incident, don't let that blind you.

Like Angel Eyes and Ridiculous said, it's hard to imagine a situation where Mr. professor was totally innocent, and if Court Square is right with the contributory negligence, this case shouldn't have gone down like this.

He seems like a dolt. This will make it tougher for him to get admitted to the bar, especially in some states.

So he defends himself by saying "I never touched him." Like sticking a gun into your face and threatening to blow your brains out, then later claiming that "I never shot him." It was all "apprehension." If they let him graduate, I hope at least he never becomes a defense attorney.

London is the type of guy who would do anything for you if you asked. He def keeps to himself, but is about as genuine and nice as guys here at Uva get, guy went out of his way to help me with my car just because one day...also, never have I seen a guy open more doors for people. whoever this professor is must really have something against the military type. Sorry London.

@ Unbiased Reporter Contributory negligence is a concern in civil cases, this was a criminal case. You're right though, the case probably shouldn't have gone down like that. A few days in jail is a really light sentence for what could have very easily been an assault with a deadly weapon charge because of the automobile involved. The relatively light slap on the wrist may well have been due to some suspicion that the professor acted in some fashion to provoke the accused's over the top behavior. It seems though that if the accused had actually learned anything about about self discipline at VMI there would have been no incident and he would be enjoying Christmas with his family.

For all of you complaining about 'entitled' cyclists, if over-reacting to one on flippin' McCormick (speed limit 15mph) isn't enough enough for you, check out Crounse's driving record -- it's not hard to look up.

Talk about a sense of entitlement!

For those of you who say the professor needs a backbone, how much backbone does it take to threaten someone from inside a vehicle? Try confronting a bullying driver face-to-face someday and tell me it doesn't take some cojones. [Note: I don't generally recommend this course of action.]

I've said it before and it's still true: the vast majority of my interactions with drivers are neutral or positive. The rest of you need to sit down and figure out why you're incapable driving responsibly. It's really not that difficult.

Last night I was approaching a 4 way Stop intersection. Another car was also approaching from my left. As we both stopped, a cyclist with no lights and dark clothing came through the intersection about 15 mph without stopping or looking in any direction.

This is your typical cyclist in Charlottesville.

Here's the magic in this event that I have described..... the vehicle that approached the intersection at the same ting as me was a marked police car. The driver made no effort whatsoever to pursue this cyclist or do anything about the cyclist's reckless driving.

This is your typical rookie cop in Charlottesville.

Ridiculous wrote: "London is the kind of guy who would totally have your back if you needed him. Too bad the world is full of people who go running to mommy if they come across someone who actually has a backbone."

So having a backbone means swerving at someone with your car? Sounds more like the actions of an over aggressive, a-hole who cant walk away from an argument.

@Unbaised Reporter

A coupla things: First, you seem incredibly anxious to make excuses for this kid and put a lot of the blame on the professor - I guess it is true that just by being there and using the road (his legal right), the professor contributed.

Secondly: how do you have any inkling that there was ANY contributory negligence on the part of the professor? The story, as presented (no matter Concerned Citizen's lack of reading comprehension or Court Square's citation of a completely different incident), make it clear that this encounter went on for quite a while - it was not limited to the intersection of McCormick & Alderman. There was an ongoing altercation at multiple intersections and it is clear that Crounse was "following" von Daacke for quite some distance.

The prosecution would seem overblown if this were limited to an encounter at one intersection, where some yelling took place. Clearly this continued for quite a distance, at least two intersections.

The closest lights from there are the Ivy/Alderman and Maury/JPA/Fontaine lights. That's a long way.

I'm sorry you don't like the implications of the facts (those being the distances involved and the accused's driving record) but they definitely point to one party, not the other.

This case is not about liability or anything even remotely similar. Negligence is in no way relevant, contributory or not.

@cookieJar - no, I get it. I was being sloppy for the sake of addressing Unbiased. I also hope it was clear I was being snarky about the professor "contributing" by just being there.

I don't see how contributory negligence would come into a civil suit in this case either, since the conviction isn't for causing an accident. I didn't read the case so I don't know if this was an Alford Plea or not, though the wording in the article doesn't sound like it was.

Perhaps he's taking an Xmas vacation is due to his driving record in the surrounding area. I echo Pedaleur, it's not that hard to look up.

@wiserguy I know London well, you obviously don't to say such things. This guy would give the shirt off his back for you, and def have your back, even if you didnt need it. he doesn't come from much but is generous and if the sh** hit the fan, you wouldn't rather have anyone else on your side. He gives respect where respect is due and gets along with evryone, as you are a self-asserting 'wiserguy' I take it you are the arrogant one and probably rubbed him the wrong way, or maybe you're just a washed up hippie and don't like that he's your polar opposite, Not going to toot his horn anymore really but just to address the naysayers: London is a self-made family guy, put himself through VMI on scholarship? b.sing gameplayers get punted out of there quick..their honor code is the strictest in the country, if you b.s anything there you're out. @pedaleur his driving record consists of speeding tickets, who doesn't have those? ive riden with him before, he drives fast but he's dui's no endangerment, why bring it up then? bottom line, this kid stands up for himself and for others, haven't talked to him about the incident yet but if he says this professor vandick called him an ahole and almost caused an accident, that's what happened & its no surprise london called him out on it, whats the harm in that? (maybe if it happened more cville wouldn't hv pedaleur's like yourself getting killed on their own fault) It should say enough that the prof brought a lawyer with him, what was he afraid of? it def wasn't london or else he would've brought a body guard, when asked to vandeebag had no comment,and let his lawyer speak for him...nuff said

the above is hilarious!! ---------------------------^

So what "If you knew" seems to be saying in his turgid post is: London be da man to back yo play when da sh** hit de fan in a bar fight. So in his own way he appears to confirm accusations that his # 1 bro is a bad mofo who don't take no sh** off nobody.
So that sort of bro would do just what he pleaded guilty to. Thanks for setting us straight dude. Tell us what sort of car YOU drive so we can all be on the lookout.

Uva and all college-schools need to get rid of hippy teachers that ride around on bicycles like little kids and hire men who dont take no s#!t off nobody to produce the kind of lawyers we need in this country. And business people too! Like the hero mr crounse.

I have a Concealed Carry Permit and I carry a handgun when riding a bicycle. If a driver ever behaves in this way to me, I will use the handgun to defend myself.

If any of you knew Mr. Crounse, you would know the apple did not fall far from the tree.

I must admit, I didn't see that one coming this time. Using a handgun in a road rage situation. Yeah, you do that. We can read about your charges and trial here in The Hook. Hope you have plenty of money to pay an attorney. You don't want a court appointed attorney on a felony charge of murder or manslaughter. Absolutely nothing in this story warrants the use of a firearm or the taking of a life. It's a good thing state law doesn't require a psychiatric evaluation before a person get a concealed handgun permit.

County resident you are right on , you must know he comes from broken home, His parents have had every challenge you can possible go through imagined , [That's being nice & censured !] Little one has issues, but seems to have got his way to VMI & UVA law despite his upbringing.Slow down LIL lord ! You might make a good lawyer with your young trail & jail adventure , if there is such a thing .
Also if he is so great , all most 1 st time disorderly are no jail time unless someone is hurt

Bike rider packing;
U got any clue how many motorists pack heat and how much UR not at advantage trying to have a gunfight with someone in a pickup. UR likely to end giving someone free grease job you pull that sh**, gnomean, mane?

I have run over a couple bicyclist myself over the past years. They were all breaking the traffic code, so I didn't get charged or sued. The law was on my side. Maybe if more motorists just went ahead and ran over them, they would start obeying the traffic laws.

Now there's something to be proud of...

Gotta agree with gas on the biking-while-armed. Nothing warranted it's use in the story. Let us know how that works out for you Pack Rider, oh wait, we'll read about it and see your mugshot.

Forget about handguns; I take a more proactive approach to safety: The night before a ride I plan my route and go out in the middle of the night to plant anti-personnel mines at all the intersections. Then the wife goes out a couple hours before me in the Rapid Assault Volvo and clears away anyone trying to sneak out of their driveway, or who might be on her way back from church. A couple of strikes from air support for the stragglers and the roads are clear as a bell for me -- well, sometimes I have to avoid burning SUVs -- but that's the price you have to pay.

Some might call it extreme, but it sure makes it pleasant when I don't have to deal with other people. What use would that be?