Halfaday holiday: Candidate's election fraud case continued

The trial of former City Council candidate James Halfaday on four counts of address-based election fraud has been continued until January 26.

Outside the courtroom on Thursday, December 15, Halfaday declined to comment or to say where he really lives.

"I just want to wish the people in Charlottesville and the media," he said, "a happy holiday."

Making his first bid for public office on a pro-business, pro-people platform, Halfaday came in last in the Democratic firehouse primary in August.

After the primary, a lawyer contacted the Hook to say that Halfaday was not the owner of Snap Fitness gym, as he'd claimed throughout the campaign. And according to residents at the Sunset Road address Halfaday used in his campaign filings, he didn't appear to live there either. And three contributors listed as giving $499 to Halfaday's campaign told the Hook they had never made donations to him.

Halfaday was arrested October 19 and charged with four felony counts of election fraud for the alleged false address. If convicted of all four counts and handed the maximum sentence, Halfaday could earn as much as forty years in prison.

As the disgraced politician walked off to the parking garage adjacent to the Charlottesville General District Court, a man accompanying him, as a farewell gesture, offered a middle-finger gesture to reporters.

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More misleading reporting from the Hook. The friend was not angry about the Halfaday situation, it was just a bad hair day. Them some crazy eyes.

If every politician was as stupid as this cat appears to be, this country would be twice as well off.

Why not give him half a day in jail?

GET IT?!?!?! "HALF A DAY"?!?!?!!

Man, I'm good....

Democrats are allergic to the truth like Dracula and sunlight, if you made a Democrat tell the truth an entire week he'd probably dry up and die.

Really. Deleated? What was so bad? You happened to photograph twin I!#*)&s side by side and you cut me. Come on Hawes let me up

I'm actually more interested in knowing where Maurice Jones lives. Anyone know if he's moved yet or does he still live in the county?

Doesn't it seem obvious that Mr. Halfaday isn't quite playing with a full deck? So what is the point of prosecuting him? Seems unfair to do the prosecutorial slam dunk on the poor fellow, his only crime being that he didn't know how to identify the line between fantasy and reality. It would seem to be more of a crime to send the man to jail and leave the real criminal politicians free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise.

I don't think this is a Democrat - Republican issue it's a politician issue. There was a time in the not so distant past when men and women ran for office to serve the interests of the citizens. Now it's all about self serving motives of financial gain and corrupt political power. The idiots like Halfaday get caught because they are idiots. It's the smart ones that don't get caught that should worry us the most. There is no doubt in my mind that we the people must do better and more in depth background checks of all elected officials. Shame on the election board or whoever is in charge of vetting potential candidates prior to allowing them to be put on the ballot. These are the Idiots that should be held in contempt and dismissed from their duties. Being a native of the Charlottesville area for the past 54 years I find it frightening how corrupt the entire political process around here has become in the past 25 years. I guess it's the trickle down effect from national politics but it is none the less unacceptable and anyone who it caught scamming the system should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. This lowlife and all like him should be put in jail for at least one election cycle for the political office they are attempting to obtain through fraud. The people that did not do their job by finding out all of this during the vetting process should get a lifetime ban from holding any job related to the election process. The saddest part of the whole thing is the most corrupt politicians of all were smart enough to not get caught and are currently running the city and county. They win we lose...

I believe the man with him is deceased rock promoter extraordinaire Bill Graham who died in a helicopter crash following a Huey Lewis concert in San Francisco about 15 years ago. I do not think there is a sadder way to go then to say: "I gave my life for Huey Lewis's music."
R.I.P.: Ted Knight