The triumphant return of the under-$100K house



Sean Ruday & Clare Corson to David Thomas, 119 Mill Creek Drive, $256,000

Salvatore Cangiano to Trump Vineyard Estates Lot 3 Owner LLC, 94.26 acres, TM 102-39, $235,000

Javier Mesta to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1221 Villa Lane, Unit A, $152,774 (foreclosure)

James W.M. Rowse III, Trustee to Darlene Brown, 1270 Maple View Drive, $115,000



David & Judith Baldini to, Robert & Susan Roberts, 595 Glengarry Court, $695,000

Poplar Glen LLC to Donna Sheeran, Trustee, 407 Samara Court, $337,482

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Ronald Schott, 874 Belvedere Boulevard, $322,925

NVR, Inc. to Weidong Zhou, 1989 Asheville Drive, $254,390

Christopher Gentry to Federal National Mortgage Association, 115 Turtle Creek Road, Unit 9, $152,538 (foreclosure)

Richard Jennings to Bank of America, 2472 Whitney Court, $130,500 (foreclosure)

Randolph & Phyllis Melton to Federal National Mortgage Association, 16 Woodlake Drive, $122,500 (foreclosure)

Shiflett Farm LLC to NVR Inc., 5517 Summerdean Lane, $85,000


The Raney Family Limited Partnership to The 1780 Inn at Court Square LLC, 500 Court Square 1006, $150,000

Tresha Lucas to Micheal & Nicole Kulon, 833 Village Road,  $396,625

Todd Edgerton Etal to Kara Rosenthal, 1415 Burgess Lane,  $272,000

Octopus Property LLC to CSSP Investments LLC, 730 Walker Square, Unit 4D & 735 Walker Square, Unit 4D, $372,200

Theresa Caddell to US Bank National Association, 1712 East Market Street, $142,715 (foreclosure)



David & Angelia Joy to Frank & Maria Stalzer, 388 Villa Deste Court, $850,000

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to Glenmore Country Club LLC, .515 Acres, TM 93A1-A2 & .253 Acres, TM 93A1-A3, $255,073

Sally Miller to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2710 Huntington Road, $215,777 (foreclosure)

Amy Adams to Federal National Mortgage Association, 141 Hessian Hills Circle, Unit 3, $126,603 (foreclosure)

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Wendell W Gibson Inc., .134 Acres, Tm 62G-1-3-96, $126,330

Timothy & Claudia Lewis to Lawrence & Deborah Lavezzo, 122 Yellowstone Drive, Unit 305, $75,000

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to Petoria LLC, 1.78 Acres, TM 93A1-X, $30,000

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to Glenmore Country Club LLC, 1745 Paddington Circle, $22,022


Timothy & Wanda San Jule to Leah Woody & Rebecca Reid, 1111 Cherry Street, $200,000

Alice Snavely to Patrik & Cheryl Sandas, 1551 Dairy Road, $420,000

Glenn & Leslie Luxexberg to Julianna Bush, 611 North Avenue, $213,500



Craig Enterprises Inc. to Julia Devlin, 617 Eight Woods Lane, $694,205

Patricia Dangelo to Steven & Pamela Rotter, 2220 Tyler Place, $570,000

NVR, Inc. to Dushant & Kiran Uppal, 1987 Asheville Drive, $270,455

Laurel Park Investments LLC to Mark & Courtney Roberts, 3525 Grand Forks Boulevard, $229,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Douglas & Linda Good, 215 Grass Dale Lane, $227,000

Ragged Mountain Partners LLC to Scott & Phyllis Carpenter, 4.157 Acres, TM 74-5C, Lot B1 Ragged Mountain Farm, $211,000

Holly Vandewater to Michael Fox, 1302 Wimbledon Way, $210,000

North Pantops Townhouses LLC to Southern Property LLC, 1575 Newcastle Court, $85,000

 Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Brian Shifflett, 1201 Simmons Gap Road, $75,000

Dale Ludwig to Southern Property LLC, .107 Acres, TM 76-52J, Lot 10 Country Green Cottages, $75,000

Dale Ludwig to Southern Property LLC, .158 Acres, TM 76-H6, Lot 6 Country Green Cottages, $75,000


Octopus Property LLC to James & Cynthia Jara-Almonte, 705 Walker Square, Unit 1A, $217,900

US Bank National Association to Lawrence & Deborah Lavezzo, 1712 East Market Street, $122,500

Charles Hurt & Shirley Fisher to C-Ville Business Park LLC, 1223 Harris Street, $600,000


Triumphant if you are buying. Not so much for the seller.

Also makes you wonder just how accurate that assesment really is. The more inflated the better.

Kinda like I just paid $75K for this place why am I paying property taxes for double that amount?

More like paying taxes on three times the purchase price.

Never did understand how some little cracker box could be worth even say, $50,000.

If the house is on the small side, decades old, and has been lived in extensively over the years, then it aint worth tens of thousands of dollars. That's ridiculous. Everybody in our society is just programmed to accept the idea of some old, worn out little cracker box being offered for $250,000. That's nuts.

You know what's even nuttier? The three bedroom, three bath Dutch Colonial on a cul-de-sac with a half acre of land surrounded by woods that we lived in for 9 years when I was growing up, and which included a big wood burning fireplace and a finished rec room, work room and laundry room, sold for only $60+K back in 1991. Can't even imagine what it would go for nowadays. Probably 3 to 4 times that amount.

Just wait... You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

1012 Locust (which my father sold for about 40K in the early 60s), was up for sale for close to a million recently (I think the sale was withdrawn after going down about 100K.?)