Autumn light rocks

A Hook photographer was out (along with other light-savvy photographers) on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, when the afternoon light suffused the buildings and trees with a spectacular glow.

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This is one of my favorite spots in all of Charlottesville. I love sitting on a bench in adjacent Jackson Park, staring at the marvelous Charles Keck statue of Stonewall Jackson and dreaming of those who came before. Mrs. Agatha Hathaway, who recently passed away, and was a great horsewoman, loved this park as well, and often said, this was the best statue in all of Charlottesville. And, as dusk descends on the 1859 Gothic Revival style front addition, the light is often truly golden, as captured in this photograph.

Few people realize how lucky we are to have two fine sculptures by this great artists in our town- the Lewis and Clark Sculpture and Stonewall Jackson .

Here are some marvelous photos of the Keck statue adjacent to the courthouse in Jackson Park.

And this is on the accompanying marker to commemorate this gift:

"Inscription. Paul Goodloe McIntire (1860–1952) commissioned in 1921 the statue of General Thomas Jonathan (“Stonewall“) Jackson from Charles Keck. He gave the statue and this park to Charlottesville, the city of his birth, for the pleasure of all who pass by. "