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Person of the year
From those involved in big crimes to big business, those who espouse open government to those who appear to embrace government secrecy, the candidates for the Hook's 2011 Person of the Year made big waves. But with only one top slot, the winner emerged thanks to a radical power grab and midnight meeting that will likely lead to the construction of a big road most people long thought was dead. Oh, Boyd! 

Busted Buddy's
It could have been a Charlottesville landmark, and some say it was a Charlottesville landmark in the fight for racial integration. But Buddy's restaurant stood in the way of UVA's plans for a more elegant vista from Emmet Street. And so down in went. Find out what happened in 1963.

Reitman's Return
The filmmaker behind such hits as Juno, Up in the Air, and Thank You For Smoking returns with Young Adult, a bleak character study starring the mega-talented Charlize Theron. Dark, it is, but Ebert says it's worth your time.


One of these people has been named the Person of the Year. But which one?
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