Double issue now: No issue next Thursday

As we've done for ten years, the Hook produces a special, glossy-covered double issue at the end of the year, and you have it in your hands!

However... a double dose this week means no dose next week. So please savor these pages since we're leaving you so high and dry next Thursday.

Our next issue won't arrive until Thursday, the 5th of January. In the meantime, please visit for news and features that just can't wait.

And here's a hot tip: Next winter, we plan to skip our usual skiing vacation in the French Alps to publish our award-winning newspaper throughout the holiday season. Consider it a gift from Santa!


You mean the Hook Staff ski in France and not the good old USA :) ? How about Wintergreen, and if the snow isn't falling in Virginia, Snowshoe, in nearby West Virginia is a great alternative. In fact Snowshoe already has 34" of snow.

Wishing you all a safe, happy holiday, and thanks for your great reporting.

Maybe it is my browser but your main web page is really screwed up this morning.