Pigs & Whiskey at Rapture

What's a pig and whiskey dinner? Well, at Rapture on the Downtown Mall it means chef Chris Humphrey will be putting his own special spin on ham hocks, smoked pork, and braised pork belly, while Smooth Ambler Spirit's Johnny Foster serves up Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky bourbon and whiskey and talks about the virtues of small-batch distilling. 

The guys from the Rock Barn, an Arrington-based catering and "dining experience" company (where Rapture gets its pork), will also be on hand to talk about  their commitment to using local heritage-breed pastured pigs, as well as to "whole hog" butchering– a practice that pays respect to the slaughtered animal by not letting anything go to waste.

Of course, if you're not a meat eater or whiskey fan, this dinner could be a little hard to stomach, but if you're hankering for some sweet and tender loins and the smooth, powerful taste of a good bourbon, make your reservation and mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 7, at 7pm.

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Lookin Good Fellas! wish I was home to check it out.