Pho-nomenon: Pop-up to Handsome Boy Noodles (Ten)

Looks like Ten, the fancy Japanese restaurant on the Downtown Mall, is coming down in the world. Down in price, that is, for at least one night in December. On the first Sunday of the month it appears Charlottesville's first "pop-up restaurant" will make its debut for one night only courtesy Ten chef Pei Chang.

Popular over the last decade, mostly in Britian, pop-up restaurants, or supper clubs, have no fixed location and can "pop-up" in private homes, empty factory spaces, or anywhere else a bunch of enterprising chefs can prepare a one-time dinner. Of course, since chef Pei Chang has the Ten space, his pop-up restaurant, Handsome Boy Noodles, only requires popping up the stairs to the popular sushi place. However, on December 4 from 6pm to 11pm, instead of artfully prepared sushi you'll find noodle dishes like pho and ramen, dumplings, and Korean-style chicken wings for prices ranging from $5 to $10 a bowl. Whats more, profits from the experiment will be going to a charity yet to be determined, and there are no reservations required. Just walk right into to Ten for some delicious. cheap food and a cold beer.

Jeesh, Dish never imagined he'd be saying that about going to Ten!


The staff has been tasting upcoming menu items and we're all super stoked.

Great. Looking forward to it.

Yum! I love the idea!

Sounds great. Boy do I wish I was going to be back in town!