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By the Wayside
The 18-month JPA bridge project may be an inconvenience for drivers, but it could be downright deadly for the businesses at the corner of Fontaine and JPA, whose owners say not enough's been done to help them. Can Wayside Deli and Dürty Nelly's survive?

Canterbury tale
A 70's vintage split-level on a cul-de-sac with a central location offers plenty of space and classic touches like crown molding and chair rail that add elegance. But can you stand the noise?

Eye candy
Unbelievable visuals and the actors' god-like physiques are the only things that will grant Immortals box office life.

Plagued by plagiarism
UVA's honor code proscribes it, but is it possible for anyone to fully avoid plagiarism? Looking to such current and past luminaries as President Obama and Mark Twain, essayist Randy Salzman ponders the question.

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