Fall afternoon on the Lawn

Although this picture was taken two weeks ago, it depicts the warmth that has returned to the hallowed University of Virginia Lawn. Lawnies can use some warmth since they suddenly lost their fireplaces earlier this term. The National Weather Service predicts that Monday's temperatures will hit a high of 71, but drenching showers may move in by Tuesday night as a cooler front moves through.

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The inability to warm oneself by the fire on the lawn is certainly sad, but can be remedied with money - which always seems to materialize at UVA when a Jeffersonian tradition/building is in jeopardy. . Far more tragic, for me, is the loss of the irreplaceable ( in my lifetime) magnolias. I have come to revel in their beauty and fragrance, and their loss will certainly be one my heart will feel.

If only these grand beauties were Jeffersonian, apparently; they would be saved.

" Neuman emphasized that the magnolias were not part of Jefferson’s plans for the space, and date, at most, to about 100 years ago."


Save the Rotunda Magnolias - now there's a movement I could join !

If you do want to save the magnolias, there is a movement you can join.

Thanks cookiejar, just signed along with 1,893 others and counting. Let's get the word out and save these trees.

So Jefferson didn't like magnolia trees ?

" University Architect David Neuman said they may be replaced with trees more ornamental in style, or none at all.

“There’s a design in progress that will be more Jeffersonian,” he said. “The original Jefferson design did not have any of [these magnolia trees].”

Balderdash !