The week in review

Worst week for traffic fatalities: Three people die within 14 hours on Albemarle County roads, none of whom were wearing seatbelts, according to police. Amber Leigh Johnson, 20, and Michael Wayne Johnson, 40, die from injuries in a 7:50pm crash November 10 near Crozet. Larry L. Taylor, 59, of Louisa, is partially ejected from the truck he's driving on I-64 around 10:25am November 11, and he dies at the scene.

Worst bike accident: A 20-year-old UVA student is hit crossing Ivy Road at Alderman November 14 by a 21-year-old Jeep-driving, fourth-year lacrosse player and is in critical condition, NBC29 reports. Police say charges are pending.

Worst police shooting: The Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Range is the scene of an accidental wounding November 10 when an unnamed Albemarle police officer shoots himself in the left hand at annual firearms training.

Most embarrassing: See above.

Most bizarre fatal shooting: A Spotsylvania man attempting to unbuckle his seatbelt accidentally shoots himself while sitting in the parking lot of a Giant with his kids November 13, waiting for his wife to return a DVD, according to the Free Lance Star. The 45-year-old, whose name is not released, is pronounced dead at the hospital.

Biggest countdown: Charlottesville announces that the permit that allows Occupy Charlottesville to camp in Lee Park expires November 20. Whether the protesters– and homeless– will depart willingly remains to be seen. Graham Moomaw has the story in the Progress.

Most imperious? The Albemarle School Board continues to draw complaints from teachers, students, and parents about the unpopular 4X4 block scheduling more than a year after the plan was adopted with little public input. A teacher speaking at the November 10 meeting, according to a WINA recording, said she feels threatened for criticizing the plan.

Most like private school: The tuition for out-of-county students in Albemarle schools is $8,800, and for children of county school employees who live out of the district, the cost is half– $4,400– for the first child and three-quarters– $2,200 for siblings. Aaron Richardson has the story in the Progress.

Scariest: An SUV with two toddlers strapped in the backseat slips out of park in the 2700 block of McElroy Drive November 10, rolls down a driveway, across the street, between two houses, and comes to rest in a creek bed, the Daily Progress reports. The children were not injured.

Biggest attendance: The 2011 Virginia Film Festival had a record of 24,077 people, and 27 sold-out movies.

Best credit rating: Moody's and Standard & Poor's still give Albemarle County a AAA bond rating.

Least transparent: Senator Jim Webb co-sponsored legislation for a commission to investigate wartime contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The panel estimates waste and fraud at $31 billion and as much as $60 billion, and wants to seal its records for 20 years, according to the AP.  Webb wants the records disclosed ASAP.

Latest in Mount Solon's Gomorrah: The 15-year-old boy who was shot by a husband and had his leg amputated after he tried to enter the home of his 48-year-old lover, Kim Crilley, appeals his five convictions stemming from the home invasion, but is so disruptive in court November 10 that the judge orders a mental exam to make sure he's competent to stand trial, NBC29 reports.

Latest strong-arm robbery of a food delivery man: Three men in their 20s knock down a guy delivering Polynesian food to the 600 block of Prospect Avenue November 13, and abscond with the food, but no cash, according to the Newsplex. The driver's injuries are minor, and he doesn't go to the hospital.

Worst loss for a local artist: Rosamond Casey's mother, Antoinette Pinchot Bradlee, 87, dies November 9. The Washington Post's obituary of "Tony" Bradlee recalls her beauty, her second marriage to editor Ben Bradlee, her partying with the Kennedys, and the unsolved murder of her older sister, alleged JFK paramour Mary Meyer, on a C&O Canal towpath in 1964.


Guns do kill people.

In response to "Most imperious?".... You mention a teacher making a statement at the Board meeting. If I recall correctly from attending the meeting, the statement was not first-hand information. It was made by a citizen who was supposedly told this by a teacher.