What do you know about Biscuit Run?

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I know its another reason "the peoples" feel to compelled to "occupy"

What do I know about Biscuit Run? That it would be a good park for Occupy to occupy and for all of the homeless drunks that pander minor girls to be.

It helped Tim Kaine by that new estate

Is it a 5K or 10K?

Its a 43mil dollar run over the tax payer to finance Time Kaines "occupy webbs seat" bid.

so its the C'ville 43M "over" run............

Its the epitome of collusion between political prostitutes and special interests solidified by secrecy on a state level. If this doesn't reek of corruption what does? What more is there to see. Bare naked state sponsored conspiracy to defraud the public. And where is the state AG? Probably got his hand out too to look the other way.

The most alarming aspect to Biscuit Run would be the fact that those involved don't care if the world finds out. What are you gonna do anyway?