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Mo' money
After seeking millions in tax credits to mitigate his losses from a failed housing development turned state park, Hunter Craig, the lead investor in Biscuit Run, isn't satisfied. On behalf of his investment team, he has filed a $20 million dollar suit, with taxpayers as the target. Who's behind this big idea, and could it work?

Halfaday's swath
Former Charlottesville city council candidate James Halfaday lost his bid and is facing felony election fraud charges, but the trauma from his drama– and accusation-filled campaign continues for the now-vindicated woman he accused of stalking him.

Paterno's failure
Good news in college sports including UVA's victory over Maryland have been overshadowed by the apparent egregious moral failure of Penn State's legendary Joe Paterno. Juanita Giles weighs in.

Messed up
Think your messy desk isn't messing with your chances for success? Think again. Penelope Trunk says that what you might see as a personal choice for your personal space is sending the wrong message– and could be sending your career down the toilet. At least one Hook reporter has taken note.

The current entrance to the Biscuit Run tract, eventually Biscuit Run State Park, on Old Lynchburg Road
–file photo by Courteney Stuart

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