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Film fest!
Oliver Stone and Larry Flynt headline this year's event, but if you didn't get tickets to their sold-out events, don't fret– there's plenty to watch, and if you're feeling overwhelmed by the choices, you've come to the right place for inspiration. The Hook asks local filmmakers what they're psyched up to see, and interviews Hangover actress Rachael Harris, production designer (and Sissy Spacek hubby) Jack Fisk, and UVA film prof and prolific director Kevin Everson.

Bikes bypassed?
Critics of the Western Bypass already have plenty to complain about, but the fact that the proposed road makes no accommodations for bikes, pedestrians, or public transit only stokes the flames of discontent, that this could be an outdated road before a shovel ever turns some earth.

Oh, baby
Breastfeeding and backsleeping. Dr Hong explores the simple infant care tips that can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by more than 50 percent.

It just wasn't meant to be. Janis Jaquith recalls her ill-fated love affair with the Kindle, and sings the praises of a book on proper paper.

Cover image:
Jack Fisk atop the Water Street Parking Garage.
–photo by Tom Daly

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