The week in review

Most secret negotiations: Albemarle officials are meeting behind closed doors to push for a 42-foot Ragged Mountain dam rather than the city-approved 30-foot earthen dam, and dangling an offer to pay a larger share of the estimated $140 million cost, Graham Moomaw reports in the Daily Progress.

Most alarming: Starting November 1, Albemarle police will charge for the third false alarm within a year, and the Charlottesville Fire Department will respond to fire alarms with one rather than two trucks, because studies show that fewer than one percent of these calls actually involve emergency conditions.

Most expensive supes race: In the Rivanna District, challenger Cynthia Neff racks up $101,624 in contributions as of October 31, while incumbent Ken Boyd reports $80,697, according to a release.

Latest Boyd bombshell: The supervisor credited with pushing through the midnight Western 29 bypass vote now calls for the county's portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway to open immediately, according to the DP.

Craziest race: Independent candidate Linda Wall in the 59th District says she's an ex-lesbian who was in a relationship with a junior high student 40 years ago when she was a gym teacher, and blames smoking pot for her "bad choices." Republican candidate Matt Fariss had an emergency protective order taken out against him by a Lynchburg woman in 2002 after he allegedly broke through her back door, according to the News & Advance. Fariss, who also has four misdemeanor convictions related to hunting and a DUI, refuses to comment on the latest allegation.

Most interestingly timed lawsuit: Greene sheriff candidate Steve Smith says a lawsuit filed against him in a six-year-old real estate deal is politically motivated, NBC29 reports. Smith is running against Major Randall Snead, who crossed the county line into Albemarle to pursue cop-car thief Colby Eppard on New Year's Day 2010 and was one of seven officers who fatally fired on the 19-year-old. (And he's the one who extracted what some have called a false murder confession that put a Crozet teen behind bars.)

Creepiest: Two UVA students report awakening to find a strange man in their bedrooms at two separate 17th NW residences. The first incident happened around 4:15am October 15, the second on October 22 at 3:40am. The suspect, who fled on foot, is described as a black male around 5'9", 180 pounds.

Worst traffic jam: An overturned tractor trailer on U.S. 250 and Route 22 at 2pm October 27 ties up traffic for hours, taking more than five hours to clear.

Worst on your resume: UVA student Farah Shah is convicted of one count computer trespassing for logging onto someone else's email and Facebook accounts and sending messages to a third party, WINA reports. She's sentenced to 50 hours community service and no contact with the victim.

Latest teens having a little too much of a good time: Ten Western Albemarle High students are arrested at the October 22 homecoming dance when adults become suspicious they're under the influence, according to the DP. Parents are called, unlike the last time the school breathalyzed a student– a female who hadn't been drinking. Nine youths are arrested for underage possession of alcohol and one for marijuana possession.

Latest fugitives: Wallace Edward Carter Jr. of Greenwood flees when police stop at his broken-down pickup. He's wanted on outstanding felony hit-and-run warrants. And Shannon Christopher "Dirty Red" Bowles, 34, is a suspect in the October 23 Forest Street shooting.

HIghest honors: UVA picks French professor Marva Barnett, founder of the Teaching Resource Center, and English prof Jahan Ramazani to receive the 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award. Ramazani's father, Ruhi Ramazani, professor emeritus of government and foreign affairs, received the award in 1994, making them the first father-son recipients.

Best get: Former VP Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz Cheney, who co-authored his memoir, will be at the Miller Center November 16.