Hazardous act: UVA grad had 'JFK' moment

Sarah Lyman Kravits, UVA class of 1988, was in grad school in Washington when she was picked for a few moments of screen time in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, JFK. "Oliver Stone wanted everyone smoking," remembers Kravits, a nonsmoker. "I was trying to concentrate on not looking like an idiot smoking."

The nonsmokers were given clove cigarettes. "They were making me feel ill," says Kravits in a phone call from New Jersey, where she now lives. "I didn't want to put it out because I wasn't very good at lighting cigarettes."

Ten takes later, they had the scene in which Donald Sutherland walks through the Pentagon past Kravits, who plays a general's secretary and waves him into a smoke-filled meeting room.

"Oliver Stone kept calling me 'honey,'" says Kravits. Sutherland was quite a character– and shoeless, she reveals, although that wasn't visible to viewers.

Kravits has moved from drama to parenthood and textbook writing, but she fondly remembers her bouffant-haired stint as an extra in JFK, which will have a 20th anniversary screening with Stone at this year's Virginia Film Festival.


Were there any UVA grads implicated in the assassination? More compeling..........

Donald Sutherland a local character ? He must be the only one ,good eye though Donnie !

Does Mark Lane still live in town? As counsel for the estate of Lee Harvey Oswald and author of Rush to Judgment, he's been an important figure in the search for the truth in the Kennedy assassination since long before Jim Garrison. Wonder why he's not included in the discussion.

**** perhaps he is not included is because the truth has long been known.............."Rush to Judgement" was a very good book, albeit a bit fictional.

and this story is relevant because?

at least it was a short, non-relevant story