Snap: Goat Busters and their defenders

A bunch of goats employed by Goat Busters (for meal tickets and not paychecks) practice their eco-friendly land-clearing craft in a Western Albemarle neighborhood on a recent Saturday afternoon. (The pair of dogs and the electrified fence keep predators from making a meal of the goats.)

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Anyone know the breed of the dogs and goats ? Interesting how well matched their white coats are - makes for a lovely photo nestled in the rain soaked tall green ( no drought this year ) grass.

When they were at the entrance to Birdwood GC the dogs were golden retrievers I believe.

Those dogs ate Great Pyrenees I believe.

How good can the dogs be if it takes 2 to guard 5 goats

You don't see the rest of the goats in the picture. There are probably forty or so on the site. The goats cleaned out a field for me and did a great job.

One good guard dog can watch over 100 goats or sheep. 1 dog for 20 goats still seems a bit much. Glad to hear the wolves and trolls were kept at bay though.