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Lonely road death
It first seemed like a terrible accident. A newlywed found dead on a lonely road after midnight, the apparent victim of a hit-and-run. But as authorities assessed the scene, they decided the death of Justine Swartz Abshire was no accident. Her husband's trial ends this week.

The order

Doric, iconic, corinthian– that's all there is to Roman columns, right? Wrong. Thankfully, The exhibition entitled “Variety, Archeology, and Ornament: Renaissance Architectural Prints from Column to Cornice,” is on view through December 18 at the University of Virginia Art Museum.

Three interesting changes to the landscape: UVA's Garrett Hall gets Battenized, Keith Woodard's row of four Downtown Mall buildings getting renovated, and there's hope that all those Lawn fireplaces– like the students– will get lit again.

The runaway jury
The Eric Abshire murder trial is a rarity, a case that goes all the way to trial. Ever wonder why so few cases actually go before a jury? Former Charlottesville prosecutor Steve Deaton, who once prosecuted a murder without a body, has some answers.


Eric Dee Abshire married Justine Elizabeth Swartz in May 2006.
–family photo