UVA wins: But 10 injured, 3 hospitalized in stampede

UVA's recent 24-21 upset win over previously unbeaten, 12th-ranked Georgia Tech sent Cavalier fans rushing the field. But in the October 15 stampede of spectators, something bad happened that hasn't been revealed until now. Ten people were injured, three of them seriously enough to be hospitalized.

Of the 10 fans who received emergency care at Scott Stadium, four were moderately injured but walked away, two had minor injuries, one refused care, but three were taken to the hospital, according to UVA Medical Center spokesman Peter Jump.

He was unable to provide further details on those injured, other than to say– contrary to one rumor roiling the town– that there were no reports of anyone requiring resuscitation either at the stadium or at the hospital.

If this scenario sounds painfully familiar, there was a similar incident six years ago following an upset over Florida State. In the field-swarming jubilation of that 2005 event, dozens of Cavalier fans were injured when they crowded against a chainlink fence at the bottom of the Hill, the grass-covered student section at the north end of the field.

In the wake of that incident, which drew national attention, the fence was removed. How the injuries occurred this time could not be immediately determined, and UVA athletics department spokesperson Rich Murray had not responded to the Hook by press time.

"It's tough to manage that end," says UVA Police spokesperson Melissa Fielding. "We try to layer the north end with police and staff, but it's difficult to stop the crowds. We understand their enthusiasm, but it really is dangerous to rush the field."


When you don't win that many big games, it's very exciting. A few injured Wahoos is a small price to pay for giving the Hokies a chance to rightfully win the ACC again..

hmmm. we joined the fans on the field. i didn't see any injuries or any "stampeding." i'd be curious to hear what injuries they exactly suffered. and i'll do it again, if we have the good fortune to win again.

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I was among those on the hill that tried to rush the field at the end of the game and ending up being crushed in a pile of people. The injuries were a result of ignorance by the UVA police/event staff trying to prevent people from rushing the field. Sure the 10-20 cops managed to stop a few people at the front of the hill, but that only caused hundreds behind them to pile on top of each other. The Hill at Scott Stadium is a very unique place to watch a game, and when thousands of fans try to rush the field from it, attempting to stop people with a completely inadequate deterrent (weak fence, 10 cops) only results in a massive log jam and people piled on top of each other. The hill is very step, and after a game it is very slick, and there is no stopping a mass of people descending down the hill. UVA either needs to build a real barrier or just allow students to rush the field and not cause these dangerous situations. Students are going to attempt to rush the field no matter what (unless there is no way to get to the field), so allow them to do it in the safest way possible.

Hokies still with ZERO national championships. UVa just keeps cranking them out. And please, none of the "revenue sports junk," cause we all know how you pay your felons.

Must be about the same intelligence level of those that fall off balconies. This time i didnt call them punks Hook editor so no need to delete my comment.

For your edification, the official injury report filed listed the following:
1. Todd--1 pair of scuffed docksiders.
2. Carter--grass stain on left knee of American Eagle khakis.
3. Biff--torn logo on left chest of seersucker Polo shirt.
4. Josh--broken belt buckle on fabric belt with pictures of nautical flags in design.
5. Peppy--broken buckle on back of pink ball cap through which her pony tail was threaded.
6. Karen "Buffy"--stinging eye where paint from V-saber logo smeared into conjunctiva.
7. George III--broken belt buckle on blue fabric belt designed with little pictures of fish (despite the fact that George has never been fishing in his life).

Yeah, this is what Jefferson had in mind...a bunch of vacuous dimbulbs in group-think. 2008 Hoo...you nailed it: "I was among those who tried to rush the field..." Listen to yourself...how much more moronic can you sound? Police should have introduced some of the "rushers" to a hickory shampoo. All the little preppies-in-training should make an attempt at growing up; the field should not be rushed. Your ticket entitles you to watch the game, paint yourself in stupid colors and act like a baby...in the confines of the stands.

This attitude reminds me of the time I inadvertently wore a shirt on the downtown mall that had orange, blue and navy stripes on it. Someone said "Hey man, you a 'Hoos fan." I replied: "Gee, did the Wahoos invent orange and blue? Maybe I'm an Islanders fan."

You people will rush the field and risk injury over a meaningless game, but think merely holding candles in the dark will solve the on-campus problem of misogyny. Ugh!

Liberalace is on point! keep it coming I love it!

Thank goodness they didn't rush to the parking lot

Given the 1000s of pumped up young men and foolsball hype (see photo), this is pretty expected.
The 1970's fight over UVa becoming a Big Ten School, only one with some valuable tradition and a lot of pretension, is over. The state wanted it, most of the alums wanted it and most of the administrators such as Casteen and Sandridge couldn't get there fast enough. Wa-wa- wa.

@ Hook Moderator...my first "deleted by moderator". I wear it as a badge of courage, God forbid someone should say what everyone is thinking. Ironic that the press would censor the readers...


LOL @ Liberalace's post. Well done!

If you are going to jump the fence/wall (or whatever) and rush the field then - well it is American 2011 - I suppose there will be lawsuits because no one is responsible for anything they do anymore if there is a deep pocket to sue.

Maybe someone spilled hot coffee in their lap on their way to - what - lick some sweat off the astro turf?

I'm sorry Liberalace, clearly you don't understand what school spirit is or have never watched a college football game where a huge underdog pulled off a giant upset at home. People rush the field, it's part of college football. The NCAA/ACC/UVA can make announcements about not rushing the field, but what are they really doing to stop it?

And exactly what is so immature about rushing a field and celebrating with your student body, players and fellow fans? UVA winning a football game against a good team is very rare these days and people want to be a part of that, what is wrong with that? That makes me/everyone rushing the field moronic? What is moronic is your argument that consists of insulting the way stereotypical UVA students dress and trying to be funny by mocking legitimate injuries. Who are you, Colin Cowherd? You seem really bitter toward UVA, do you want to talk about it?

And you end your post by poking fun at UVA students' attempts to raise awareness of sexual assault and rape? You are a class act. And FYI, if you wear blue and orange in cville, people will think you're a UVA fan, if you wear blue and orange in Long Island, people will think you're an islanders fan. But I can understand why that's confusing to you.

But I'm getting away from my point, which was simply that students/fans are going to rush the field, and if the police are going to stop it they need a legitimate force, not 10 event staff people and 5 cops. That only contributes to the problem. I'm not trying to sue anyone I just want to bring awareness (maybe with candle light vigils) that people (students) are idiots, especially en masse, so either allow them to rush the field or build an actual barrier to prevent incidents like this in the future.

Liberalace, you are one sad individual.

You are right on!!!

The same thing happned in 1990 when UVa defeated Clemson for the first time ever. The crowd rushed the field in an attempt to tear down the goal posts.
Unfortunately a UVa police officer, Laura Harris, was knocked down and trampled, receiving back injuries so severe that she was eventually compelled to retire.
I was acquainted with this officer who was a fine person and law enforcement officer, and strongly deplore senseless, irresponsible behavior that can have such tragic results.
Celebration is fine, but when actions that endanger life and limb occur,I think all sensible people agree they should be condemned.
Yes, I agree UVa to take measures to handle such situations that may occur in the future.
Exuberance is one thing; sheer hooliganism is another.

I must respond the the libelous rebuttal by 2008Hoo...
Sorry to touch a nerve about school spirit; I did not know orange/blue were the official UVa colors. Wahoo Wa! Actually--for the preppy namby-pambies it should be "Wahoo Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." If rushing the field is part of college football, then--again--prep yourself to be trampled or injured.

For those of you who have never been to a college football game, here are some other things that are part of the ritual:
1. Horrid music played by horrid musicians in a horrid acoustic environment.
2. Half drunk tailgaters promptly standing up for the national anthem...played, again, in a horrible acoustic environment for reasons unknown to 90 percent of those attending.
3. Bad clothes.
4. Attempting to see the action over the satellite-dish-sized stupid hats of vacuous preppy women.
5. Adult men who act macho, but then put makeup on their faces under the guise of that oh-so-important school spirit.

Finally, 2008Hoo, I am kind of surprised that students admitted to the "top public university in America" do not know about rape, sexual assault or some of the other horrid behaviors that occur on campus by students at UVa. (And please do not tell me it is "Grounds," it is a campus.

Sad thing is Liberalace, you've just described every professional football game I've been to as well. Heck, those guy party harder than the tailgaters at UVA. Kinda seems like you're a GT fan or you've just been wronged by the college football community and just can't let it go.

HollowBoy, the soloution is simple, don't attempt to stop a charging crowd, get out of the way, pretty simple concept. I'm sorry that an officer was hurt, but she shouldn't have been attempting to stop 5,000+ people charging full speed.

No...at professional football games, there is occasionally good music , but it is still played in lousy acoustics. The crowd is fully drunk, not half drunk. And the cheerleaders are way better in the NFL.

And I never had a GT, but I had a nice '81 Camaro that was bitchin'.

Oh, and what the hell is the "college football community?"

Thank goodness the goal posts are securely attached to the concrete underlayment. Evedently after GT victories, the following can occur.


The recent storming of the field from Minnesota after they beat Iowa last weekend gas brought this issue up at Big Ten schools as well. Some media are saying it’s poor form by the Gophers to rush the field while others are saying it’s an important rivalry win for a rebuilding program. There’s been a good debate at TC Huddle. I found your article searching for more opinions on the issue.

Thought you might want to check it out. It’s enjoyable if nothing else: http://www.tchuddle.com/2011/10/the-importance-of-the-iowa-win/