Quick turnaround in Greenbrier


Frank Ferrari to Stefan Young, 1650 Garden Court, $178,000, Albemarle

Redus VA Housing LLC to Margaret Costa, 1533 Wickham Pond Road, $415,000, Albemarle

AG Green LLC to Richard Lehne, 111 Loma Lane, $125,000, Albemarle

James & Jean Doran to Peter Edmunds, 709 Exton Court, $189,000, Albemarle

Catherine Garth to Veronica Deighan, 825 St. Clair Avenue, $172,500, Charlottesville

Sunningdale Ventures, Inc. to Noah Goodall & Trish Edington, 2732 McElroy Drive, $215,000, Charlottesville

Dickerson Homes & Development LLC to James Cox & John Little, 902 Rockland Avenue, $290,560, Charlottesville

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to John Wegner, 978 Rock Creek Road, $55,000, Charlottesville

James Pierce to Catherine Darden, 1638 Meridian Street, $148,000, Charlottesville

Virginia Cassidy to Robert & Florence Lockman, 1280 River Chase Lane, $380,000, Albemarle

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Mason & Jennifer Brugh, 712 Belvedere Boulevard, $546,551, Albemarle

Regions Bank to Dickerson Home & Development LLC, TM 90-7, 0.175 acres & TM 90-9, 0.168 acres, $150,000, Albemarle

John & Roxie Clark to Gwendolyn Hall, 805 Stonehenge Avenue, $150,000, Charlottesville 


Airport Office Center LLC to ATNA Too LLC, TM 32-48A, 0.868 acres, $550,000, Albemarle

Ronald Viejo & Stephen Cadogan to Josyf Mychaeleckyj, 734 Merion Green, $177,500, Albemarle

Old Trail B-4 LLC to Steven & Robin Keller, 1064 Killdeer Lane, $256,925, Albemarle

Howard & Erica Wieland to Martin & Melinda Carney, 2021 Via Florence Road, $430,000, Albemarle

Stephen & Victoria Callison to Eric & Kelley Johnson, 3365 Camden Court, $440,000, Albemarle

Carlos & Maria Landazuri to Susan Gibbons, 3689 Presidents Road, $120,100, Albemarle (foreclosure)

John Higgins to Emily Wilson, 1314 Chesapeake Street, $157,500, Charlottesville

Richard Shrum to Jonathan & Andrea Earnhardt, 1711 Kenwood Lane, $525,000, Charlottesville


Ragged Mountain Partners LLC to Joshua & Jennifer Deibert, 1007 Taylor's Gap Road, $199,000, Albemarle

Sandy & Loma Lambert to Michael Riddle & Mary Jablonski, 1174 Courtyard Drive, $360,000, Albemarle

Octopus Property LLC to Joe Mychalecky, 725 Walker Square, Unit 1A, $139,900, Charlottesville

Octopus Property LLC to Mary Jean Thiele, 750 Walker Square, Unit 1B, $139,900, Charlottesville

Patrick Lerner to James & Meghon Ross, 1627 Mulberry Avenue, $193,100, Charlottesville 


NVR Inc. to Andrew & Julie Livaccari, 142 Pioneer Lane, $202,265, Albemarle

Colin & Heather Chapell to Patrick Bridges & Mary Beth Soulia, 4801 Mechums River Road, $181,000, Albemarle

Christopher Thomas to David & Elizabeth Forney, 840 King William Drive, $425,000, Albemarle

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Evelyn Marshall, 3894 Bungletown Road, $67,839, Albemarle

Christopher & Cheryl Lonergan to Neil Morandi, 1381 Westerham Street, $848,000, Albemarle

Anel Seferto to Virginia Housing Development Authority, 1356 Villa Way, Unit F, $150,212, Albemarle

Ivan & Dorothy Narodny to Elizabeth Langhorne, 1305 Wertland Street, Unit B1, $110,000, Charlottesville


Donna Sheeran to Susan Gushue, 5120 Rutherford Road, $726,000, Albemarle

William & Rebecca Linkous to John & Jane Rike, 2573 Red Hill Heights, $175,000, Albemarle

John Saury to Adam Shoup, 3585 Hungrytown Road, $158,000, Albemarle

VATN LLC to Stephanie Dudley, 4611 Presidents Road, $142,000, Albemarle

Vincent & Frank Oliveri to Rob Campbell, 602 McIntire Road, $192,500, Charlottesville

 Michael & Melanie Britt to Mark & Mary Evans, 2133 Tarleton Drive, $252,000, Charlottesville.


Belvedere Station Land Trust to Jonathan & Kindel Hooker, 730 Cole Street, $377,520, Albemarle

Southland Homes Inc. to Jin Choe, 2540 North Berkshire Road, $195,000, Albemarle

Lewis Nash to Bank of New York Mellon, 7872 Old Green Mountain Road, $84,600 (foreclosure)

Federal National Mortgage Association to FM611 LTD, 1913 Browns Gap Turnpike, $14,586, Albemarle

Anina Macchia to Katherine Younger & Matthew Monson, 1116 E Jefferson, $306,000, Charlottesville

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Foreclosures are up in the City. I think we're still going to see downward pressure on prices.

This rend is nothing new, hold on to your britches, its a gonna get bad.

I purchased a foreclosure last year. 55,000 below what previous owner paid. Was appraised at 20,000 above purchase price. Neighbors house just sold for 5000 LESS than I paid last year and their house was in much better condition than mine was. In a years time i am already in the hole. And its does look at this point it will get worse. I gambled and lost.

Short sell is the way to go, helps the bank avoid the problems of foreclosure and bails out the buyer by selling the house at market value.

Kind of ironic that borrowing on a house based on market value (false equity) got us into this mess and now short selling is an answer.

There are no shortages of houses out there that seem to be about 30% overpriced.

I'm with you Ice Dogg...unfortunately.

How did home equity ever become based on market value? It was supposed to be based on how much of the loan ballance a buyer has paid off.