Ragazzi's, Toliver House close

The local and not-so-local restaurant scene suffered a couple of casualties recently. A fixture in the Shopper's World Shopping Center along Route 29, Ragazzi's Italian Restaurant, closed its doors last week after more than a decade. Unfortunately, no one is answering the phones over there, so we're not sure why. Or if they simply plan to move to a new location.

However, Dish is pretty sure a Jason's Deli will be taking over the Shopper's World space. Although a company spokesperson did not confirm that the chain, based in Beaumont, Texas, had secured the location, he didn't say they weren't coming, either. The deli-style restaurant has made a name for itself by offering healthy food that's free of transfats, MSG and high-fructose corn syrup. Stay tuned.

Over in Gordonsville, the Toliver House, known for its commitment to locally sourced food, has also called it quits. Owner Donna Shaner says there was simply a lack of business.

"The tourist market wasn't strong this year," says Shaner, "and local support has been a bit lacking."


My understanding they are moving up the road either in front of the bowling alley or across from it. The lease was going to be up at the current location and he was hoping to get an extension. Obviously that didn't happen and I hope they still plan on moving. We love Ragazzis!

I can NOT believe they closed... I hope they are moving to a new location, I LOVE Ragazzi's! I really hope Scott (above) is right, where else can you go in town for reasonably priced Italian food in a family friendly atmosphere? Not to mention great location.... And their salad dressing is out-of-this-world!!

PLEASE, Ragazzi's, let your customers know what your plan is !!!

my sources say Ragazzi's is done