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Balance of power
Remember when the greenies were in charge of County government? Well, that was one late-night Bypass ago. Now there are two contested seats on the Board of Supervisors. But that's not all that's exciting. Chances are, your state house district has changed!

'It is war'
Less than a week before they appeared on the Copeley Road Bridge to remember the last place on earth where their daughter was seen alive, the parents– or at least the mother– of slain Morgan Harrington filed suit in Roanoke against the company providing security that fateful night two years ago. As for the "war" quote, that's actually about the perpetrator, for whom the parents hold their strongest scorn.

Roger Ebert was tempted to re-run his 1984 review of Footloose since the new version hews so closely to the old lines. As it turns out, what's more troubling, says he, is the concept that a town in Tennessee in the year 2011 really would ban dancing.

Not clutter
Tired of seeing the clean lines and simple stonework of the proposed Trader Joe's that may soon stand near the corner of U.S. 29 and Hydraulic Road? Well, you might want to get used to it, as the company seems to be having its way with the Architectural Review Board. Bonus: an aerial photo of tornado-smashed "Sylvania."


On the left we have the contenders for the Scottsville magisterial district, Christopher Dumler (D) and Jim Norwood (R). On the right, we see incumbent Ken Boyd (R) and Cynthia Neff (D).
–photos by Jen Fariello

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