El Vaquero roping them in

It appears a new Mexican place in the former Amigo's space in the Woodbrook Shopping Center has some fans.

It's rare that Dish gets emails from foodies begging us to mention a particular restaurant, unless of course they have a financial stake in the business. But several requests have come in, and so Dish is buckling under the pressure.

El Vaquero (which means "cowboy") is the name, and it's part of a small Mexican restaurant empire with restaurants in Lake Monticello, Orange, and Haymarket.

According to Mouricio Placencia, the owner's brother, they opened eight years ago in Orange and took over the former Amigo's space last month. What's more, he says their uncle owned Amigo's and many of the dishes there are the same. He also mentions an incredible $3.99 lunch special and says nothing on the lunch menu is over $7. Asked what he would recommend, Placencia says their carnitas and chile rellenos have been very popular.

"My wife and I discovered El Vaquero when they opened in Orange," says Lake Monticello resident Denny Avers. "These guys do a fantastic job of offering honest, authentic Mexican food and great service– at excellent prices."

Some favorites? Fajitas with meat, shrimp, and chorizo, great tacos, big beers, and nachos more like a meal than an app.

"Your readers deserve to know about this one," says Avers. "It's a really good Mex restaurant."

Well, readers, now you know. Go on over and tell us what you think.

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