Top dogs: Chase fund ranks #1 among mutuals

A Charlottesville-based investment firm has the top "mid-cap" mutual fund in America, according to the Lipper ranking agency and the Wall Street Journal, which made the revelation last week. The fund of Chase Investment Counsel whose symbol is CHAMX grew 14.4 percent last year, making it the best performer of about 400 such funds. Calling CHAMX a "category king," the Journal noted that the nation's average mid-cap fund actually lost nearly one percent in value last year. At Chase– which measures mid-caps as corporations valued up to $15 billion– the holdings include Dollar Tree, PetSmart, and the parent company of Monster energy drinks. Headquartered downtown, Chase was founded in 1957 by Derwood S. Chase Jr., who still serves as chairman and CEO.

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I see ya BUCK!

Donald Trump lookin boyz; Wall Street broker lookin boyz; Federal Reserve lookin boyz; CNBC lookin boyz; Jim Cramer Mad Money lookin boyz.

Another bunch of "Too Big to Fail" wannabes. What is the expense ratio? Don't forget to read the fine print.

*Expense Ratio net of contractual waiver through 1/28/12 and not including acquired fund fees and expenses. Blah, blah, blah...

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I just don't see a lot of job satisfaction in that line of work. That plus the percentage of those actually making a good living in that line after whats happened is probably low.

Hmmmm, well there will always be a top mid-cap fund somewhere and that fund will actually be based in a city somewhere. Just happens to be CHAMX and Charlottesville this year. Who and where next year?

So that's what the guys look like who will steal my 401K someday.