New beginning on Old Fields?


Beneficial Financial Inc. to Patrick Rutkoskie Jr., 7027 Secretarys Sand Road, $54,000, Albemarle

Octopus Property LLC to Meneka Nadar, 740 Walker Square, Unit 1A, $197,900, Charlottesville

European Homes of Albemarle to Kasoondie Frazier, 116 Blincoe Lane, $295,000, Charlottesville

June & Donald DeFabio to Robert & Sarah Hamfeldt, 1723 Yorktown Drive, $320,000, Charlottesville

Sean & Jessica Reilly to Alan Taylor & Claire Waters, 1325 Rugby Road, $1,350,000, Charlottesville


Joseph & Carol Flynn to Mark & Judith Beenhakker, 3296 Beau Mont Farm Road, $555,000, Albemarle

Melvin & Elizabeth Johnston to Jay Kolbrener & Amy Wells, 1143 Woodlands Road, $416,000, Albemarle

Gordon & Roberta Colley to Sarah Owens, 39 Georgetown Green, $170,000, Albemarle

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Dorothy Gibson, 6024 Cling Lane, $157,000, Albemarle

Meadow Wood Inc. to Megan Harris, 1504 Villa Terrace, Unit B, $120,250, Albemarle

Julie Vianello to James & Patsy McCormick-Goodhart, 132 Hessian Hills Circle, Unit 1, $118,500, Albemarle

Cary T. Branch Jr. Estate to Ronnie & Barbara Breeden, 578 Huckstep Branch Lane, $38,500, Albemarle

Wells Fargo Bank to Laura Light, 322 Berring Street, $32,700, Charlottesville

Elizabeth Rosenblum to Kenneth Moore, 2525 Woodland Drive, $140,000, Charlottesville

Martha Menard to Rosamond Casey, 1124 E. Jefferson Street, $384,500, Charlottesville


Piedmont Realty & Construction Co. to Andrew & Jody Markopoulas, 6541 Woodbourne Lane, $1,047,330, Albemarle

Dayuan Li & Ling Liu to TImothy & Stephanie Smith, 2625 English Oaks Circle, $408,200, Albemarle

Southern Property LLC to Craig & Lynn Ringuette, 2117 Sundown Place, $299,900, Albemarle

Argent Development to Trent Snarr & Caroline Wilby-Snarr, 1112 Arden Drive, $281,000, Albemarle

Dale Ludwig to Southern Property LLC, 1168 Cottage Green Way, $75,000, Albemarle

David Elkins to Dale Felker III & Dolma Pasang, 622 U.S. 250 Bypass, $140,500, Charlottesville

Betty Payne to Federal National Mortgage Association, 910 Rougemont Avenue, $128,299, Charlottesville (foreclosure)

Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony Carbonelli, 910 Rougemont Avenue, $80,000, Charlottesville


Shelter Associates to Michael Conway, 4235 Free Union Road, $325,000, Albemarle

James & Bernice Hutchins to Lynn Bradley, 1521 Jarman Lake Road, $305,000, Albemarle

Pedro & Evelyn Ortiz to Craig & Elizabeth Schneiders, 2599 Ravenscroft Way, $254,000, Albemarle

Old Trail B-4 LLC to Jae Yim & Yoon Jung, 1058 Killdeer Lane, $253,000, Albemarle

Adell Haley to Andrew & Juliane Haley, 1785 Jumpers Run, $175,000, Albemarle

Hilda Awkard to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1531 Pughs Store Road, $131,562, Albemarle (foreclosure)

R.L. Beyer Construction Inc. to David & Elaine Cheng, 229 Huntley Avenue, $416,602, Charlottesville


Robert & Patrice McKeel to Andrew & Elizabeth Darby, 1763 Locust Shade Lane, $735,000, Albemarle

 William Daniel & Stella Ray to Timothy & Virginia Michel, 4505 Old Fields Road, $620,000, Albemarle

Alice & Karl Barkley II to Lee & Tommie Bruderer, 1327 Tilman Road, $386,000, Albemarle

Florence Nana & Nana Tchienkou to Servertis REO Pass-Through Trust I, 4000 Tompkins Drive, $342,500, Albemarle

Michael & Brenda Beitzel to David & Lori Rocco, 370 Grayrock Drive, $330,000, Albemarle

Janice Hendricks to Robyn Sealey & Michael Sinclair, 1326 Gate Post Lane, $315,000, Albemarle

Barbara Ann Graham to Sean Stanford, 1700 Goldentree Place, $224,000, Albemarle

Andrew Darby to Timothy Brooks & Rachel Jaberg, 1031 Bristlecone Lane, $214,000, Albemarle

William & Howard Goodwin to Robert & Shirley French, 316 Harvest Drive, $208,000, Albemarle

Federal National Mortgage Association to Matthew Rusk & Cary Watkins, 4669 Briarwood Drive,$137,500, Albemarle

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Gary Smith, 1670 Riding Club Road, $53,199, Albemarle


Frances Cheevers to James & Clare Farmar, 2147 Timber Meadows, $351,000, Albemarle

Clarence Smith to Jerry Rainey, 1673 Old Brook Road, $290,000, Albemarle

Dave Chua to Georgi Zotev & Marchela Panaoit, 102 Milford Terrace, $125,000, Charlottesville


Tax assessment has nothing to do with market value of a property. It seems like the writer doesn't understand the difference between assessment and appraisal, as per photo caption.

The value of a property is what someone is willing to pay for it. Not sure what your post addresses as the assessed value, which is what the tax rate is based upon, does not require and special understanding, just the ability to search the local databases. While the current assessment is 975K, it seems pretty clear that it will be 620K or so next time around. So if the writer did a quick search, then she knows what she is talking about.

Either way somebody lost their shirt. Sign of the times.

The Tax Assessment is supposed to be based on the Fair Market Value of the property as determined by arm's-length sales of comparable properties. This one is interesting because it's the first time it has sold since it was built in 1988.

In 1996 it was valued at $701,300 -- Land $115,500 and Improvements $585,800. Stayed at $669,600 for 1997 through 2000. Got as high as $1,402,600 for 2007.

Its recent selling price means it was either a huge bargain sale or the Assessor has been hosing the previous owners for years. Assessor shows it's a "qualified sale" so looks like the previous owner got a very raw deal for a number of years. Why am I not surprised? Just another Hookee in Hookville!