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Ernest endeavor
How do you thank a professor like Ernest "Boots" Mead? For 100 students who say he had a profound impact on their personal and professional lives during and after their time at UVA, a million-dollar foundation in his honor is a good start.

Atheist extraordinaire
As the world's best known atheist, Richard Dawkins' opinions on religion are well known. Now targeting America's youth with a new book, Dawkins– who spoke this week at UVA– talks to the Hook about raising kids without God.

Warts and all
On the road of life, there are often bumps. But when those bumps are on your nether region, it's time for action.

What terror?
Foiling the next terrorist plot has become a priority since 9/11, but according to Ron Bailey, a look at statistics suggests that our money might be better spent on lightning-proof suits for every man, woman, and child.


Cover image:
Ernest "Boots" Mead at home at his piano.
2008 photo by Jen Fariello

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