9/11 editorial a disservice

I can’t even begin to explain my disappointment in your 9/11 cover story. [September 8: "9/11 reflections: 3,000 dead and freedom too"]

Why would you allow an editorial to be your cover story for such an important event? At a time when we all should be coming together to remember lives that were lost and celebrating the heroes that gave their lives for others, Adam Rhea trivialized and denounced all actions that had been taken since that time. I guess he thinks he could have done a better job than the people who had to make those tough decisions. I don’t necessarily agree with all those decisions either, but I do believe that those decisions were made with the best interest of America in mind.

I am sorry that Mr. Rhea has not seen “the mercy, charity, and love” that I have seen since that day. I lived in New York at the time of this tragedy and saw so many people came together to help one another, and to mourn the innocents and the heroes that lost their lives. Many continue to do so to this day. Maybe that should have been the focus of your cover story.

Debbie Gannon

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