Denigration of Native Americans must end

The Hook has been my favorite local news source since its inception. I have always trusted the Hook to give me the news in a way that supports my left-leaning sensibilities. Unfortunately, I now have to rethink that.
In the September 1 "Culture Vulture" feature, Linda Sherman makes an attempt at humor by depicting a stereotypical Native American holding a tomahawk referred to as a "scalper" in a cartoon about Dave Matthews tickets. He is also referred to as a "hippie," I gather because of his traditional long hair and garb.
This is the third time I have witnessed Native Americans treated this way in local media. I am by no means a watchdog. I can't imagine how many instances I have missed. My father was full-blooded Mohawk.
Years ago, I heard a popular local DJ ridicule Native American protest of offensive team names and mascots over the radio. He said that "the last thing I think of when I think of the Washington Redskins is some dumb Indian." Hahaha. More recently, I heard a local musician and scholar refer to Jazz as the only music indigenous to this country. What?
Apologies were made and accepted in both those instances, but I realize now that I should have made a more public stand.
My question to both of those individuals, and now to you at the Hook, is why is it okay to degrade or dismiss Native Americans in this country? It is not acceptable for mainstream media to treat any other demographic in this way, and it just needs to stop.
Barbara Peters

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