If only the neighbors had rallied behind dredging...

Neighbors shocked to find that they live near dynamite blasting might have been better served by getting enthused about a technology that's much quieter and which might have saved the likely-doomed Rivanna Reservoir. Three years ago, the Hook wrote about the effort to transform the dormant quarry into a turn-key dredging operation, but officials– led by the Nature Conservancy and Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority director Tom Frederick– decided that a new reservoir was preferable.

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Maybe it's not too late and the quarry can still be combined with dredging for our water supply solution. Maybe the new owners will find they can make more money, just maybe it's not too late

Read why dredging is the solution and why special interests want to mislead you to support their agenda. Read the article that tells the real story in the Hook, linked above.

And then read this ...maybe it's not too late


The Hook's such a silly one trick pony. You'd think it would get tired of trying to Blast the Mega-Dam, Uphill - Electricity Sucking Pipeline Project That Gobbled Charlottesville City Politics in a Horrific Display of Nature Conservatory/Tom Frederick-led and BIG BUSINESS Purchased Influence (See Actual, Real LIve Photos of Official's Gobbling on the 11:00 news!!!) of New Water Supply. Instead it likes to promote its frightfully delightful, and deliciously delectable dredging agenda of councilor to be DeDe, and her cast of muddy muckety mucks: Richard, Rebecca, Bob, Dave, and Rich.

Good Lord, let it go already! The ship has sailed. The horse is dead. The ax has been ground down to a nub.

This "article" makes Hawes Spencer sound like a petulant child who did not get his way.

Well I am sure these folks would have cried about the truck traffic carrying the sediment.

I think Mr. Spencer is just pointing out how short sighted it is to not maintain the resources we have by dredging instead of building all new infrastructure we don't need and opening ourselves to many unintended consequences, such as the reopening of this quarry .

I'll bet the ratepayers who will pay for the new earthen dam/pipeline scheme with higher water rates may wish they also had joined the dredging bandwagon; as will those fighting poverty in the City. Higher water rates will not be attractive to luring new businesses to our area or assist low income residents in paying their bills .

Mr Lloyd nailed it today on the Schilling show --dredging is by far the cheapest most sustainable way to provide water for our future during a possible drought.

Another county neighborhood that will also wish we had a dredging alternative, instead of a dam/pipeline plan, will be Ednam Forest.

To build the earthen dam and concrete spillway ( a separate structure), a quarry is part of the plan, to be located on site at Ragged Mountain Natural Area. Now the folks at Ednam have a beautiful Natural Preserve in their back forty, soon to be the site of blasting and quarrying for aggregate. People don't realize that earthen as it relates to this dam is a misnomer, there is still a great deal of aggregate that will be needed. That means noise, blasting, dust and all the headaches that folks near the Rivanna quarry are experiencing.

What fools men ( and women ) are --dredging is so much cheaper and less damaging, but soon the blasting and clear cutting will begin and Poe will be left lamenting in his long ago haunt - never more, never more.

It's just local history, pointing out a recent idea concerning the quarry, which was not mentioned in the DP story about the blasting. And for this Spencer is "a petulant child who did not get his way"? Are you serious? Come, who is really being petulant here? Look up the meaning of the word 'petulant' in the dictionary. Then read your own comments again.

If only the neighbors had rallied they would have changed Dr. Hurt's mind to sell to a willing buyer and instead gotten him to wait on the City/County for a definate dredging decision. You got to be kidding.

It's highly possible that if the Nature Conservancy had not thrown their full weight behind stopping the reservoir from being dredged that Dr. Hurt would have been part of the dredging plan.

The Hook has documented the war against dredging since 2008 and has backed up all the articles with original documents. This is the most thorough reporting on any topic I have ever seen in our community, and the Hook justifiably won the top state journalism award for this body of work.


The fact that our elected officials have ignored these articles which clearly show that powerful special interests have used our water plan for their own agenda, and that some officials have favored these interests over those of ratepayers, and fact based environmentalists, is depressing.

Citizen has stated the issue correctly but I choose not mince words. Our elected leaders have and are letting they're constituents down for no other reason than graft. We are being sold out to the largest bidder. I can't wait for the moans and grones to begin when water bills begin to double and triple. And I will say I told you so.

Now that the water issue has almost certainly been resolved in a manner not to Hawes' liking, he now plans to stand on the edge of his sandbox and shout "I told you so" whenever any event takes place that remotely (however tenuously) touches on the recent water debate?

Sure... nothing at all like a petulant child (eye roll).

fall for the dreaded "All at Once" methods. This is the most expensive and absolutely foolish method. Please consider "Small Bites".


You're all like jilted lovers: can't accept you lost. Now what kind of back room deals are being made to get Satyendra in as mayor I wonder? After all, it all revolves around water, doesn't it?

Thankyou Richard, your post made my day. I'm ashamed I didn't think of that eventuality myself. I wonder how big a house he will be asking for in lieu of favors?

richard, Did you miss the fact that Huja is in favor of a big dam. That's one reason I'm not in favor of him as a councilor.

Huja also seems to be unable speak English clearly, that's why I sure hope no one seriously considers him mayor material even if they think they want him as a councilor for some odd reason.

Here's is evidence that Huja speak with forked tongue. Its not conjecture, its not an opinion, its as real as real gets. During interviews with different candidates for city council they were asked the same questions. One of the questions asked was whether they support the dam or dredging. True to his status as a politician his answer was "both". This kind of response speaks volumes as to his character and commitment towards the citizenry or this town. There is none. period. As with most or all politicians its all about them, of course we can look to DC for more proof of that. Huja needs to be eradicated from office ASAP and his cronies with him.

Huja has ALWAYS said that though he supports the dam, he is open to dredging as a component of any water supply plan. The one with the forked tongue here is "Mow".

@citizeon - your web links are dead. How do I get to your info?

Sorry Chuck, Huja's speaks out of both sides of his mouth like any good politician. He knows this is a divisive topic and not taking a position when asked speaks volumes to his lack of integrity. If you want to support him fine, what do you have to gain?

Not sure what you mean Maxwell, this works for me .


@citizen: This link: