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Turf wars
In this, its first season, Charlottesville's new semi-pro football team, the Virginia Silverbacks, racked up a winning record. But the coaches and players say the victories aren't the sweetest part of fulfilling a longtime dream.

The $10.6 million award to the grieving widower of a young woman killed by an Allied Concrete truck set a record, but was slashed after evidence emerged that the plaintiff and his attorney tampered with evidence. Now, a judge must decide how much more to punish.

Red and green
When the county installed red light cameras at the intersection of Rio Road and Rt. 29 in late 2010, officials cited safety as the, ahem, driving force. So how's that working out? And how much cash have red-light tickets generated?

Road warrior
Decades ago, award winning architect-engineer Joseph Passonneau envisioned Route 29 as an urban expressway that would "delight" drivers, business owners and visitors to Charlottesville. A month after Passonneau's death, and with the Western Bypass gaining steam, Kay Slaughter reflects on what might have been.


COVER CREDIT: Photo by Michael Ponzini

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