Can Professor Cline save the Taubman?

Roanoke's futuristic-looking Taubman museum isn't meeting attendance projections, so they've brought in the ever-colorful "Professor" Mark Cline, of dinosaur-and-Foamhenge (and more recently of 9/11 Tribute) fame. The front page of the Wall Street Journal has the story.

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As a Roanoke ex-pat, I can tell you the problem. The powers that be just don't understand Roanoke. It is, and will remain, a blue collar town. People in Roanoke don't give a shit about fancy art museums when there are absolutely NO jobs, no industry, no nothing in Roanoke. It's hard to get jazzed up about art when you can't put food on your table. Sure, there are many art lovers in Roanoke, but not enough to sustain the monstrosity that is the "Flying Nun".

Long overdue - send in the Cline's and watch the museum fill with folk, and while they're being entertained they might even take the time to look around at " the art " . Remember Picasso, Van Gogh, Duchamp,and Pollack were all laughed at as well and then, well you know the rest of the story.... buy your Cline today !