What do you think of the Western Bypass?

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I've been hearing bout the western bypass since i moved here 22 years ago. Forget it! It will solve nothing. Truck traffic, other the locals prefer to run US15, then to even deal with US29. There needs to be an EASTERN BYPASS (to get traffic from pantops to RT29N) instead. Even the Meadowcreek parkway is not gonna sold the problems of the downtown traffic. Who ever came up with the Park Street part of it, doesn't know didley. There NEVER shol have been a stoplight where Park Street & the Meadow Creek Parkway connects.

We need a Western By-Pass, Eastern By-pass, and Meadowbrook Parkway. This community should be ashamed of how long it has taken to build what was proposed decades ago. Our community leaders are a failure and joke. Keep bringing in liberal pinheads and build houses, but dont build the infrastrucdture. How smart is that?????

What Western By-Pass?

Park street and the Meadowcreek parkway do not ever intersect.

What we need is competent, unbiased leadership. Don't hold your breath!

The time has come to build it. We have all waited long enough. Anyone who commutes along the 29 corridor, knows this road is necessary. If you ever go to a UVA footbal game, you know this road is necessary. If you ever go to a concert at the jack, you know this road is necessary. If you ever want to go south at Best Buy, you know this road is neccessary. Its the states money, not the counties, and if we don't use it it will just go elsewhere in the state. I don't understand how you could want to stop this from happening. It may not be a perfect road but it will be a busy road and we all win.

Anyone forced to commute along 29N as I have been getting to the DC area, knows that the real issue is not roads, but garbage sprawl easy development without building public transit. It also is a poorly designed 29N, where everyone think they should get their own stoplight to make a left hand turn, instead of the access roads that were originaly planned. Local traffic should be forced to drive on the access roads with their 5 thousand stop lights, leaving the rest of us to get to actually go from point A to point B.

As for local commuters, you are a big the problem. You all want to live outside of Charlottesville, but then commute in to the elephant you bitterly complain about for the only legitimate employment outside of NGIC. You make my life miserable driving up 29, because I have to drive through your piece of Fredericksburg garbage box store wasteland. Then you don't want to pay taxes either for your growth.Now you want Virginia taxpayers to pay for your road yet again, after you screwed up the first grant to make over passes at Hydraulic and Rio, and killed the access roads.

The county can just pony up the costs and build a toll road for fast commuter access, if that's what they want. As a Virginia taxpayer, I am not paying for it.

Both issues posted above are a result of poor leadership, lack of integrity, and just plain graft and corruption on the part of community leaders and developers. The sprawl and no accompanying road enhancements goes straight to developers not being required cough up they're fair share of road improvements. They call it "proffers". A developer is "asked" to contribute X amount for road and other necessary improvements but the amounts are a pittance compared to whats needed. In some cases they are not even inforced. Of course you can look to your public officials for that boondoggle. As far as the bypass its the developers again who don't want this needed road, and again it goes back to the money.

@ Caesonia...Good stuff! I'm with you.

@Caesonia--well said. @Mow, I agree with you, too.