Bypass may reach above FSL, Roxie Daisy already opened, Adam!

The June 16 cover story, "Fast track: Western Bypass shifts into overdrive," asserted that the northern terminus would fall between Polo Grounds Road and Forest Lakes South. However, new renderings by Charlottesville Tomorrow suggest that while one piece of the terminus might fall in that zone, the two main lanes will make their connection to U.S. 29 north of the Forest Lakes South entrance.

The September 8 OnArchitecture story, "Mall kiosk surfaces, British Corner invasion, and is the Mall okay?," asserted that Roxie Daisy, a home furnishings store, would open at 101 East Water Street in the fall. The store actually opened on August 1.

The September 8 cover story,"9/11 reflections: 3,000 dead and freedom too," gave the wrong email address for the author, which is actually, and the table of contents referred to him as Andy Rhea, instead of his correct name, Adam Rhea.

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I'm not sure The HOOK has looked very closely at the drawings from Charlottesville Tomorrow but they clearly state: Based upon 1997 preliminary design and 2003 Supplemental EIS.

On more than one occasion VDOT has stated that the northern terminus is being redesigned. The Drawing you referenced is merely a historical map but will not be the road that would be built today. I have read that there is a task force of citizens and VDOT look at that right now and should have a much more accurate and undated version of the Northern terminus in the next few weeks.

This means that your correction is only correct in terms of history in 2003 but not in what will be built in 2011.

The northern terminus of this road should be in Ruckersville.

Sound barrier walls around by passes need to be built here like elsewhere. Canterbury Hills needs one against the by pass.

The northern terminus should be just north of Ruckersville... but I guess the folks at Holly mead shopping Center would be very disappointed

A new study says it will cost over 400 Million:
The 29/250 interchange near Best Buy is terrible and at times dangerous. Fix this. The 6 mile bypass however is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. It takes about 8 minutes to get from Hollymead to Best Buy- in rush hour.
What D----A-- politician was convinced that 8 minutes was worth 270 million?- and now a whopping 400 million?
Is it too late to stop this completey bad idea?
I hope not.

Laying 4-1 she wont be built

I'll take those odds dog. 100bucks?

the hook obviously :look closely" at anything... that's why they have to have a corrections secion

would be interesting to hear from his majesty Ken Boyd how high the price tag would have to go and how little improvement in traffic it would be prjected to have, before he would back off of railroading this stupid thing through.

The latest spin is well, this is jus the first installment. We'll move it up to Ruckersville 'later."

Yeah, right.

Bait and switch...bait and switch. Who would have voted yes if the real price had been clear. I bet it wont get built either

Boyd prides himself on self-purpoted business acumen.

Someone else might be able to phrase the question to him in a more revealing way, but I'd suggest: "at what price is this project a good deal for Albemarle County, and at what price is it no longer a good deal?"

There in lies the rub. Every one looks at the bypass as a local issue like the world ends at the county line. Get over yourselves. This is a state issue with people traveling THRU Charlottesville not just to it and from it. At some point you have to realize your not the only community on the map. World class or not.