How did you commemorate 9/11?

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Thinking about the victims, as I have everyday since 9/11/01.

As usual, I was in France at my home. No one knows this is even a occasion. This pleases me.

Shaking my head at the total oblivion US citizens live in not understanding why this happened in the first place. We as a nation like to point fingers but refuse to take responsibility for our own actions.

So Mow, how did you commemorate the events of 9/11?

Went out of town to visit family, while shaking my head at the same time.

Hoping my brothere and sistas come home from illegal wars.

Mow- glad to hear that, wasn't sure if you could do two things at the same time. Why don't you check out the NatGeo 9/11 documentary- it is quite good, chilling and eye opening.........

Ice Dogg- tell me what makes the conflicts and wars are illegal

Let it go Harry, we're allowed to have our own views on stuff, right or wrong, rational or not. I think thats why they call us a free country?

Mow- and why is our Country free? Because we fight other peoples wars? Because we bail everyone else out? Because we fight our own wars on other people turf and not on our own turf?

As Colin Powell once said, "all we want is a place to bury our dead soldiers"

The truths of 9/11 are inescapable for the american public, Mow you are correct and this cannot be denied. The lies of our leaders and their false patriotism will cost us dearly.

Palestinian statehood is a big deal right now, why would our leaders be against this? Interesting interview with Bill Clinton on CNN last night, now that he is not a politician he seems to care about how US policy affects the rest of the world. He gently proposed that Palestinian statehood would be a good thing. It would be nice if he could persuade the US not to veto.

You be puttin words in my mouth Harry. Read what Skinny posted. Your average American is a sucker, brought up on lies and deception. Funny, just like your average Russian. Food for thought.

Mow, it's much sadder than when it was the USSR, those folks at least had an excuse for being ignorant of world affairs, outside information was totally blocked. We have the ability to find out the truths about US policy but sadly americans are too caught up in "weapons of mass distraction" to even care enough to vote.