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Glitchy system
When Albemarle County schools adopted the SchoolNet data management system, administrators touted it as a high tech tool that would increase efficiency. A Hook investigation shows the system not only made teachers' jobs harder, it nearly sabotaged high school seniors' college applications. So why is it still being used?

What a pill
High blood pressure pills, cholesterol drugs, blood thinners. The number of pills being popped by seniors can lead to serious problems if they're not taken properly. Dr. Hook highlights the risks and offers tip for medication management.

Ditch the deduction?
Proponents of the mortgage interest deduction claim it's  an important tool in maintaining property value and serves as an incentive to homeownership. But is it really all it's cracked up to be? You might be surprised.

It debuted in the #10 spot on the prestigious New York Times best-seller list, and now its author is coming to a bookstore near you. But this is is the story of Harry de Leyer and Snowman, the horse that "inspired a nation."

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That's an old Apple II with two disk readers and its logos Photoshopped out.
–by Julio Martinez