Street cred: West Main relaxes

West Main– from the infamous cop-hits-wheelchair man intersection to the one just before the once-controversial dusty Amtrak parking lot– was the site of the second annual Midtown Street Fair Saturday, September 10. There were thumb-wrestling contests sponsored by the ladies of CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers), face painting, fake mustaches, a strong-man swing-the-hammer-ring-the-bell challenge, karaoke, live music, funny bicycles, a BBQ cook-off (Orzo won), and kids and families and local hipsters everywhere.

According to organizers, the 35 vendors on hand welcomed close to 4,000 people during the day long event, raising awareness of 'Midtown' as a restaurant and retail destination, and money for such charities as the FOCUS Flea Market, the Music Resource Center, and the Jefferson School rehabilitation project.


no brothers..

Wow - loved those Derby Dames ! and how about the flamingo dancers. Wonderful celebration on a beautiful late summer day.

Ice Dogg- where could they have been? Could it have been the non-"brothers" fault?

Is thumb wrestling cool? Let's grab a couple IPAs and thumb wrestle, bro! Far out, man! No WAY, dude!

He was simply making an observation, HarryD. Why so defensive?

There's a "brother" talking up the non-"sisters" behind non-"brother"'s backpack.

made you look..AND get defensive! brothers!

ah, blame it on Bush..........

Way to go Ice!!! We need non-community builders like you.

Why do they keep having this event at the same time as the Top of the Hops beer festival? I'm sure there's a lot of people in town who would enjoy going to both events!