Schilling opined without asking

Regarding Rob Schilling’s imaginative essay [August 25: "Game over: Whites 2, blacks 0 in Democrats' firehouse primary"]:

Of all the seven Democratic candidates, only Kathy Galvin and Satyendra Huja asked for my endorsement. Thus, no “signals” regarding other candidates were contemplated.
Because Satyendra Huja had served ably for four years and had evinced his common sense and experience in dealing with a variety of issues, I wholeheartedly endorsed him when he asked for my support. Early in her campaign, Kathy Galvin asked to meet to discuss why she wanted to be on Council and what she proposed to do– in short, why I should endorse her. Convincing me that she could address the issues of the city, she won my endorsement.

Usually, this is the way the process works. In this case, only Huja and Kathy asked for, and received, my support.  Many other community members endorsed these and other candidates in much the same way. In politics, you usually need to ask in order to receive.

With the primary behind us and the general election ahead, I now endorse the Democratic ticket of Galvin, Huja, and Smith.

Kay Slaughter