Reagan cartoon tasteless, insensitive

I saw the tasteless cartoon about Ronald Reagan "rising from the dead following the prayers of 'Tea Baggers'" for the 2012 Presidential campaign, on page 44 of the [July 21] edition of the Hook.

Two issues here: First: the cartoonist, of course, knew that the term "Tea Baggers" is pejorative, and therefore the use of this term in the cartoon is an insult to people (by the way, of many political persuasions) who believe in and/or are active in, the Tea Party movement. Cheap shot.

Second:  the use of Mr. Reagan for the subject of the cartoon: This is most offensive, regardless of the political persuasion of the cartoonist and/or the readership of The Hook, because Mr. Reagan's widow, Nancy Reagan, is still alive. It does not matter that she will most likely never see this dreadful attack on her lost husband. I understand all about the First Amendment. However– widows and widowers, like children, should be off-limits to this kind of offensive material. I wonder if the cartoonist asked him/herself how their mother or father would feel if they read this kind of material directed at their lost spouse?

I am surprised that Hawes Spencer would permit something like this to appear in his paper. And I can tell Mr. Spencer that he has permanently lost a reader of that paper.

M.E. Forbes


M.E. Forbes, Spencer permitted the printing of SEVERAL nude playboy models in an issue last year. Some showing below the waist nudity. He doesn't care.

I had missed that cartoon M.E. Forbes. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

And Billy, it seems Mr. Spencer does care. He knows that below the waist nudity is what drives innovation on the internet as much as in the rest of our lives. Consumers of adult entertainment were the early adopters of VCRs, DVD players, and broadband internet. If you aren't still on dial-up, thank a pervert.

BTW, I'm sure I'm not the only one searching for those naughty Hook pics right now.