Sunken deer

A deer that died of unknown causes lies submerged in a tiny pond on private property in the West Leigh subdivision during the 2009-10 hunting season.

As they did that season, Virginians ages 15 and under will get an early shot– literally– at bagging deer on September 24, the third annual Youth Deer Hunting Day. (Such youth must be accompanied by a licensed or exempt adult.) The main firearms season for deer runs November 19 through January 7.

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There are those in the country who feed their families a good part of the winter with venison they shot. They are to be respected. But to teach a child to kill deer for the pleasure of shooting something that moves? And then throw the carcass away? Am I the only one who thinks there should be an open season on pleasure hunters?

You're assuming an adult was with the kid (or a kid was the guilty party to begin with). Either way, that's disgusting. A future Michael Vick in the making (and I'm not talking football talent, just morals, or lack thereof). The same kind of "human" detrius that killed that Siberian Husky puppy in Earlysville.

Hawes must have taken the part about it being solely for sport and the disposed-of carcasses out of the story before I read it.

Oh deer, that must really smell bad.

Whack em and stack em baby