Ragged Mountain dam a boondoggle

[Re: July 28 cover story: "FLAWS- Tripled rates, spun numbers, and Conservancy conflicts: Why the war on dredging slogs on"]:

Continuing on the present course, here is what this community is likely to have in ten years: a megareservoir at Ragged Mountain with enough capacity for a very long time; pumps running to keep it filled; a dredged Rivanna Reservoir, redundant and capable of taking over and serving the community for a very long time if the pumps were turned off. Also, livid water customers with astronomical bills to pay for the gross oversupply.

Let's be clear on one thing. There is nothing "green" about building more dams or bigger dams. Dams are being removed across the nation to help nature.

Wake up, Charlottesville! Now is the eleventh hour to stop this Ragged Mountain boondoggle.

J.A. Barker

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