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Remembering 9/11
Ten years after the towers fell, smoke billowed out of the Pentagon, and a group of heroic passengers made the phrase "Let's roll" a national call to arms, Charlottesville attorney Andy Rhea reflects on what that day could have meant– and what has come since.

Winning in Waverly
Nearly 4,000 square feet on six glorious acres make this spread in the Western Albemarle Waverly subdivision a gem for large families who enjoy both privacy and a sense of community.

Lawn literature

Think reading about lawn mowing would be about as interesting as watching the grass grow? Well, then, you aren't on the mailing list of "Clippings," the newsletter put out by Meriwether Mowing that proves a sense of humor can help a customer base grow like, well, weeds.

Fierce and feminine
Little girls may be made of sugar and spice, but those aren't the only ingredients. Showing at Second Street Gallery, Roanoke artist Annie Waldrop's works suggest a darker, more complex female world.

Omitted this issue: Black&White by Bill Emory

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The twin towers were photographed by Flickr user galabgal and the image was tweaked by Hook art director Elicia Smith.

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