Commemorations planned for tenth anniversary of 9/11

The public can watch a march of Charlottesville's first responders and get a peek at the city's own chunk of World Trade Center steel as part of the "Weekend of Remembrance and Honor" to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11/01. Key events on Sunday, September 11, take place on the Downtown Mall and include an array of musical groups paying tribute to the horrific nation-changing events that occurred a decade earlier.

"The Mall is going to be a sea of over 200 flags," says one of the organizers, Merry Thomasson. "Besides New York, Charlottesville is going to have one of the most significant commemorations in the country."

There'll also be a speech by a retired admiral, with musical tributes from groups such as UVA's Black Voices and Glee Club, the brass ensemble of the Municipal BandРplus a performance of Gabriel Faur̩'s moving Requiem by the Virginia Consort and Orchestra.

The march down the Mall begins at 4:45pm with the featured event at 5pm in the nTelos Wireless Pavilion. The evening is capped with a free 7:15pm screening of a documentary called Rebirth at the Paramount Theater.

Across the mountain, Natural Bridge-based impressario "Professor" Mark Cline has something equally– if not more– dramatic in store. As previously reported, near the Kroger in Waynesboro he plans to convert an old ice building on Arch Avenue into a 93-foot-tall replica of the Twin Towers.
Cline says he will erect the dramatic spectacle on September 9, add dramatic nighttime lighting, and keep it in place for up to 30 days.
The full schedule for Charlottesville's Weekend of Remembrance, which also includes a 5K run and golf tournament, can be found at

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"The Mall is going to be a sea of over 200 flags," says one of the organizers, Merry Thomasson. "Besides New York, Charlottesville is going to have one of the most significant commemorations in the country"

And a golf tournament? Are you people insane? Isnt 9/11 more in liking to Pearl Harbor Day, a day of remembrance and not celebration? 9/11 5k run. Look at it, look how stupid you people are! I am going to run and then get drunk and play 18 holes of golf to celebrate 3000 Americans dying by a Muslim terrorist!

Thats all fine and dandy but we have only riled the arab world much more since the attack so we should be expecting to be hammered again. Let's just keep on building memorials and having ceremonies.

"Ice Dogg"- how true it is.......pretty soon people will be saying "Happy 9-11"........and there will be storewide sales, etc.

A day of rememebrance and respect is certainly due.

"Skinny"- screw them. Read the real history- we never did anything to those friggin' bung holes......"we'll put a boot up your ass, its's the American way........."

My favorite parts about the 9/11 story? Hm, let's see.......

1. The way in which BBC announced that the Salomon Brothers/WTC 7 went 30 minutes *before* it actually went down. Um, gotta love that one Skip ahead to 2:10 into the vid to see the words on the screen that say "The 47 storey Salomon building close to the World Trade Center has also collapsed"......meanwhile, as the Salomon Brothers building is clearly visible right there on the skyline. Whooops. Somebody done screwed up. Even better was how later the building went down TNT implosion style, ie, it was "pulled," even though it wasn't close enough to the other WTC's to have been affected in such a way.

2. There's also the little bit about how the upper levels of the WTC were closed down in the days before 9/11 - why would that be, I wonder? - and how multiple people on the scene reported bombs going off in the building....moments BEFORE planes made impact. I remember watching on TV as a random, breathless woman on the streets of New York was being interviewed in the first few hours after it happened, telling the street reporter about the bombs, then she turned and ran off into the chaos. I'll never forget that. Shortly after that, once the media got things on lock down, you never heard another peep from anybody about the bombs again. William Rodriguez was supposedly the last man out that day, and he has plenty to say about the bombs:

3. The way in which the underground vaults of WTC 7 were cleaned out BEFORE everything happened, as people who were sent in afterwards discovered. Whooops. Somebody done knew what was going to happen and got their junk out of there, ASAP. One of the guys who discovered the empty vaults and was there on the scene from the beginning, noticing many of the plot holes, discrepancies and anomalies of 9/11 had to flee to South America if he hoped to remain alive.

4. The way in which Donald Rumsfield accidentally let it "slip" that Flight 93 was "shot down" over Pennsylvania. Hm, I thought a group of brave heroes helped take the plane down from those box cutting wielding terrorists Whoooops, somebody done screwed up again. Now, why would "stuff" need to shoot down a plane, one might ask, I mean, IF we're going to entertain such thoughts? Funny you should ask! See, Flight 93 apparently had an unexpected delay upon take off from Newark International Airport. Lagging so far behind the other three who had already all hit their intended targets, there was pretty much no way in hell "stuff" could have gotten away with allowing this one to go ahead with hitting its target as well. (which some theorize was supposed to have been the White House.) People were already questioning the FAA's seeming "stand down" in terms of response to the other three planes, and even the dumbest of the dumb who believe anything the media feeds them would have found it hard to accept that the FAA couldn't have managed to scramble a jet in time to reach Flight 93 upon impact. So, abort the mission. Shoot it down. Then invent a nice little story about a group of brave heroes who took charge of the plane and brought it down themselves. Oh, and let's not forget the regular people on the ground in Pennsylvania who reported seeing what appeared to be drone planes flying near where Flight 93 had been, along with a large "explosion" in the air before the plane came down.

5. Speaking of Flight 93, gotta wonder why Flight 93 flew aaaalllll the way out near Cleveland, Ohio before *finally* doing a u-turn and swinging back towards the east, after it was already so far behind. (Or why the media published several different versions of the flight path.) What were they doing out in Ohio?

Personally though I love the little bits like how a Koran was found on the back seat of one of the supposed cars used by the terrorists parked there at Logan International. Gotta make sure to spell it out for everybody on the short bus. ;) Or the way in which one of the Muslim terrorists' passports survived completely intact and unscathed, falling all the way from the top levels of the burning inferno of one of the WTCs to land perfectly on the sidewalk of the street below, where it could be conveniently found and displayed by the media, again, for everybody on the short bus. (eye roll.)

And that's just tip of the iceberg stuff. There's just so much that it could fill entire books. And has actually, as many a book has been put together since this tragedy ten years ago. It's apparent though that most people haven't bothered to look closer at things, at all, and seek out this information and become informed. You still hear the gullible brainwashed red necks parroting country songs about boots in the ass of those A-rabs that hate our freedoms. (eye roll.) I don't get it. I mean, within one week of 9/11 I was already seeing major problems in the story and I'm just little ol' me. I was far from being a conspiracy theorist at that point, and was just some little 20-something chick in SoCal whose biggest concern in September 2001 was getting a new car with the money I'd been saving, moving, and other superficial things. But even I could see it. Why can't others?

The strange celebratory nature of the city's 9/11 commemorative events is ridiculous in my opinion. But that's actually the least of people's worries. People should be more concerned with taking a closer look at all facets of the official story and seeking out books that challenge it by pointing out all the plot holes and implausibilities. Especially from eye witnesses who have come forth reporting things that the mainstream media won't touch with a ten foot pole.

How long until the truth of what really happened that day comes out? What's it going to take?

boooo!- why don't you tell us the "truth"?

Actually "NATGEO" has a series of very good programs- perhaps "truth serum" for you.


On a lighter not. I think this whole 911 remembrance is disgusting. WH talking points trying to be all inclusive with the rest of the world is a joke. The 911 museum with cloths worn by people who were killed, Wings of a flight attendant who' remains were found at the base of the Deutsche Bank building? How am I supposed to react to that? This whole thing is morbid. Hey nice putt, how about all those people who were pureed when the WTC collapsed on them. DISGUSTING!!!!!

Thanks Woody....(perhaps boooo! "can't handle the truth")

but 9/11 is a group of events that must be remembered due to who pulled this off and their reasoning....

I do disagree with you- Pearl Harbor Day, V-E and V-J Day (and many more) all have a place in American history and should be discussed and displayed properly for the following generations.

I think of how many forget what Memorial Day is all about when they think of "sales" and say Happy Memorial day, have a picnic and open their pool................usually the same ones who talk and figit during the National Anthem.

No need for conspiracy theories, Our lust for "cheap" gas is the root cause. Problem is, americans look at the numbers on the pump and think this is the cost of gasoline. The real cost is far higher, dead soldiers and civilians, pollution, criminal leaders in all the oil producing countries (whom we have supported with cash for oil and sold them boatloads of sophisticated weapons to protect supplies)
Oh wait!, now that things have come undone in these countries, we support democracy.

Our indifference to the real cost of oil will serve as our undoing.

@ Woody

How does questioning the official story we've all been spoon fed about 9/11, ie, *questioning the real source of the attack,* have anything to do with whether you personally knew somebody who died in 9/11?

This is what I don't get about the people who go absolutely ape s*** at people like me because we dare to question the official story. If anything, I would think people who lost friends and family in this tragedy would WANT to know the truth of who was really behind this. If someone was behind the senseless early deaths of *my* friends and family you better believe I'd be first in line wanting to hear what other people have to say about the matter, if they turned up evidence that shows the mainstream explanation is a lie. "I was lied to??? I want to know more." Instead, someone gets on here and provides five quick and interesting bullet point blurbs off the top of their head about things that don't add up about 9/11, and you go ape s*** crazy without so much as even considering what they have to say, or researching the matter more in depth? Why?

And you say that *I'm* the one who needs mental help?

(shakes head)

Ken Jamme- just one thought. Look at all of the wars we as Americans have fought in, and tell me how many of those foreign oil fields we hover over today. Crap, tell how many of those battlefield and Countries we control today.

Come on big boy! Here is a start...........Korea, Viet Nam, Europe, Japan........and the current POTUS is looking to pull out of the oil rich war zones..........

really, now tell me you believe all that garbage about "blood for oil"..........

Our indifference to the real cost of oil will be our undoing.

@ Ken Jamme

Ah, but what you're implying actually is another form of conspiracy. ;) Trust me, there are plenty of brainwashed people who would rip you a new one for dare implying that their "patriotic" wars were not fought to get back at them thar Al Quaida or to capture old Saddam and his non-existent weapons of mass destruction (seriously....which one was it?) but rather, to maintain strongholds on a geographic region with some of the world's richest oilfields.


That aside, the thing about "9/11 truthers," if one were to knee jerk label all people who question the mainstream story with that name, is that it's a broad lot. There are many theories as to who was really behind 9/11 and what the ultimate real reasons were behind it. (for newbies to the class do a Google on the phrase "problem reaction solution.") As a result most truthers don't fully agree on anything..............except that the mainstream story is a very badly concocted cover up for whatever was really going down that day. That is something all "truthers" agree upon. From there you get everything from the No Planers on one end of the spectrum, on down to the most moderate types who suspect that somebody somewhere probably had advanced knowledge of things and let it happen, but other than that they don't really know. (shrug) And everything in between.

Was it merely all about the oil? I think that could have been one part of it, but my opinion is that it certainly wasn't the half of it. A big part of it does have to do with the trickledown affects we've seen put into place since that event. (Again, Google "problem reaction solution" newbies if you're curious. The Patriot Act, wiretapping, the airport security screening fiasco, etc. are just the start.) But there's even more to it than that. Much more.

What's also funny is just how polarizing this subject is. People either question the mainstream story and see through things, or they don't. Period. It's pretty much a very black and white subject. And unfortunately, those who don't question things often times knee jerk respond like screaming chimpanzees throwing poo around their zoo cage the second somebody comes along questioning anything about the official story.

You kind of have to wonder why that is.

Why the instantaneous emotional, angry, apes*** crazy ballistic response on the defensive from these types? Why are they so emotionally invested in protecting and defending the mainstream story? What is it to them? They act like the people in charge are their bro's, and on the same side and team as them. They're not, as any screwed over veteran discovered the hard way after he/she was used up and spit out by Uncle Sam. Why would somebody *not* be interested in hearing multiple sides of a story? Why would somebody *not* be interested in thinking for themselves and taking it upon themselves to do some of their own research down the rabbit hole? What causes some people to just trust and believe in whatever authority tells them, and then get all emotional about it, defending it *as if it's some personal affront to them that somebody else is questioning things?* What causes some people to just shut down and go on "crazed chimpanzee mode" the second their ears and eyes hear or read information that contradicts what Authority told them to believe?

The funny part is, I predicted Woody's response before I even finished typing my first post in this section. I already "heard" the screaming chimp flinging poo at the zoo, cussing me out and telling me where to go (in all caps, no less!) because it's so predictable. There's Woody's all around the internet. They could just be highly programmed and brainwashed, and/or not much different from the lower evolved chimp whose lack of personal identity causes them to latch onto the patriotic brainwashing because it gives them an identity, a group/tribe/hive to belong to. So an affront against the "tribe hive" becomes an affront to them personally, even though it has nothing to do with them. But either way, it's still acting as the gate keepers of the Matrix you could say, desperately trying to keep the sheep in their pen and make sure nobody thinks for themselves, maintain the status quo of the tribe hive they belong to, pound down any head that dares to lift itself up just a little higher from the crowd and peer around. "Nothing to see here folks, move it along! Nothing to see!"


When you hear hoof beats, don't imagine it's zebra's

Booooo, Yes we have a government run amuck and everyone should question everything. When it comes to gasoline however, its no conspiracy, just ignorance of how our decisions affect other parts of the world. This comes in large part from never visiting or even reading about other countries and cultures.

For example: How did our society become so destructive of our own environment? We removed ourselves from it. We live in nice homes with air conditioning and electric toothbrushes. We drive to work in an air conditioned car and work in air conditioned offices.
A little familiarity of our natural world, hunting, fishing, camping, etc would make us less ignorant of how our decisions affect our mother earth.